My Ping App | Windows Administrative Tools for System Administrators – Veles Software

My Ping App | Windows Administrative Tools for System Administrators – Veles Software

My Ping App – Professional Multi-Computer Remote Administration Tool. Multi-computer: Run tasks. Execute scripts. Find information. All on multiple remote computers! Secure and trusted: Developed with the best programming standards and practices. Signed with Comodo certificate. Trusted by Windows. Uncomplicated: No complicated steps that are hard to remember. Only useful tools. In the right convenient place. Remote Administration: Administer remote computers without interrupting users! Nothing to configure: No clients to deploy. No servers to provision. Nothing to configure. Just start using! Easy to use: Designed for everyone. Used not only by system administrators but also DBA’s, BA’s, PM’s, Asset Managers. Windows Administrative Tools to manage services, kill processes, reboot computers, support and troubleshoot remote workstations and servers.

My Ping App | Best Windows Administrative Tools Pack Online – Remote Server Administration Tools Active Directory

My Ping App is an easy-to-use Professional Multi-Computer Remote Administration Tool. It simplifies and improves IT administration tasks and minimizes problem resolution time for IT professionals of any level. This application is easy to install without additional configurations or maintenance of agents/clients on remote computers. This simple ping application provides powerful tools to help IT Professionals to manage IT infrastructure in more efficient and reliable ways.

My Ping App

Professional Remote Administration

Support & Admin Multiple Computers