MotionVFX FCPX Plugins (2)

MotionVFX FCPX Plugins (P2)

MotionVFX | FCPX Plugins | Apple Motion Templates: MotionVFX is a registered trademark of a company called MotionVFX, founded and owned by Szymon Masiak. Szymon is well known in the computer graphic industry and has been working in it for over 25 years in areas like computer games, commercials and major motion pictures. motionVFX – Original Home of Apple Motion Templates and Final Cut Pro X Plugins. Access your entire MotionVFX FCPX Plugins and Motion Templates collection within a click. The easiest way to manage your downloads and licenses.


mCamRig plugin is a must-have for every editor who wants to add some space to the project. Without hours of arduous keyframing, you can now achieve a swift camera movement and present your footage from different angles. For free!

mTransition Shine FCPX Plugin – 50 Luminous Light Transitions Exclusively For FCPX

mTransition Shine is a stunning collection of luminous transitions that is a must-have in every professional editor’s toolbox. Realistic and organic effects like these can make any edit brighter and full of natural lighting. This pack is overflowing with beautiful leaks, glows and shimmers, which bring dynamism in-between the shots to lively up every topic you’re working on.

mCuisine FCPX Plugin – Hi-quality food elements to create awesome kitchen compositions

Creating a tasteful ad or other motion design evolving around the topic of food can be a challenging task. Now, every FCPX editor can get a set of tools that will turn that process into a couple of moments of fun. mCuisine plugin offers you an incredible range of animated elements that can be put together into fancy, eye-catching cooking compositions. Simply drag a couple of modules onto your timeline, use on-screen controls to put them in place and enjoy a dynamic and beautiful animated cuisine show. Bon Appétit!

mTravel FCPX Plugin – Enhance your travel videos with mTravel modules built exclusively for Final Cut Pro X

Travelling can be a real pleasure and a source of inexhaustible experiences that enrich our lives. As an editor, MotionVFX knows that this theme is extremely popular and travelling logs and video diaries are a frequent topic of MotionVFX projects. MotionVFX created mTravel to make your work with travelling footage even more interesting and fluent. This incredibly diverse pack of animated editing tools gives you countless possibilities of depicting, describing and illustrating all sorts of aspects that go with travelling. Make stunning transitions, show travelling routes, describe locations and animate journey plans – all this with just simple drag &drop workflow. mTravel modules will help you deal with every travel-themed edit with less effort and astounding effects. Bon voyage!

mVertical – Free FCPX Plugin – Fix Videos Shot On Smartphones In Vertical Position Directly In Final Cut Pro X

Ever had to deal with vertically recorded videos from smartphones or tablets? Tired of trying to make it fit into your edit? Now you can fix it within a click! mVertical is a universal plugin that helps you deal with vertical videos in several ways! Add a background copy, mirror the source footage, use blurring and adjust brightness. Now you can incorporate the vertical videos into your project and still keep a stylish composition. For free!

mTransition Zoom 2 FCPX Plugin

Every edit needs a dose of energy to boost the pace and make the whole composition more interesting. The sequel to the mZoom plugin will give you exactly what you need and more. This collection of 50 amazing footage transitions includes a set of stunning effects like zoom blurs, twirls, distortions, fisheye and scrape effects – all to make your edit a dynamic whole. There is no limit to the application of these universal shifts, you can use it every time you need some vigorous action in between the shots. Have fun!

mTuber – FCPX Plugin To Enhance Your YouTube Production

If you own a video channel or a blog you know the amounts of work you need to put into editing the footage and making your entries look professional and interesting. Imagine a whole set of tools that make the post-production process a smooth and efficient operation. MotionVFX have created mTuber to make the management of your channel a pleasant procedure. With this handy collection of 70 diverse and unique animated gadgets, you can make every popular effect you wish within just a few seconds. Check them out and discover the possibilities!

mTransition Quake FCPX Plugin

The dynamism of MotionVFX edits depends not only on the action on the footage but also on the way MotionVFX cuts the shots and the transitions between them. With mTransition Quake, MotionVFX gives you a set of 50 incredibly energetic video transitions that will introduce a one-of-a-kind mood into your edits. These transitions are full of rapid camera movements, film burns and distortion effects to boost the energy of any project you are working on. If you want your shifts to be mysterious, tense and startling mTransition Quake is a ready-made solution for your needs.

mChalkboard FCPX Plugin – 170+ Chalkboard Elements Built Exclusively For Final Cut Pro X

If you want to advertise something stylishly, create fashionable typography or put together an amazing presentation with hand-drawn elements this plugin is for you! There is no end to the application of these universal chalkboard doodles. You can adorn every edit with a set of trendy chalk scribbles that can tell any story your imagination creates. Perfectly animated, dynamic and diversified as they are, they will make editing your project an easy and fun task. mChalkboard consists of more than 170 ready-made elements so you can conveniently and efficiently build any structure you desire!

mRevealer 3 FCPX Plugin – 50 Multifunctional Revealers Exclusively For FCPX

A whole new load of an unbelievable logo, typography and footage animations for your edits is here! This time MotionVFX put maximum effort into elegance, modernity and animation to make revealing your elements a true art. With so many cool and diversified movement styles you can make countless openers, transitions and logo presentations for every topic you cover. These universal revealers will make your job so much easier and faster!

mPointer – FCPX Plugin Powered by Mocha

Describing the details of the edited footage is the part of your job that can be challenging, especially when you want to keep up with the modern trends. Pointing to the particular elements and providing a description for a specific aspect is an important part of creating an accurate video, no matter the topic. MotionVFX just made that factor in your work way easier. With mPointer, you can indicate, describe and track every element on your video in just seconds. These 100 trackable, animated and modernly stylized pointer elements will make every video much clearer, easier in reception and eye-catching.

mLUT Blockbuster 2 – 20 Professional Look-Up Tables Inspired By Famous Motion Pictures

mLUT Blockbuster Pack is the easiest way to make your footage look astonishing. These carefully selected gradings are inspired by top Hollywood productions and prepared to match every subject you cover. You can now upgrade your shots within a click. Just like that, you make your story something more. They are LUT gradings designed by professionals for professionals. Now available for everyone.

mTitle 3D vol. 4 FCPX and Apple Motion Plugin – A Set of 30 Epic 3D Titles

This epic set of 3D title openers gives you a blast of your favourite 3D typography for various purposes. Diversified, amazingly textured, beautifully animated and carefully designed – these titles are just overflowing with awesomeness. Just pick your style and type in your text; – your one-of-a-kind opener is just seconds away!

mTransition Shade FCPX Plugin – Shadow Transitions for Final Cut Pro X

Every editor needs a variety of tools to cope with countless clips with diverse looks, topics and characteristics. This innovative pack uses the mysteriousness of shadows to give you endless ways of shifting between two shots. The subtle darkness that shrouds your videos makes every edit less obvious and adds an enigmatic feeling to the composition. You can use it for any purpose you can imagine, whenever a little obscurity is needed, mTransition Shade is the best way to go.

mModules Christmas Plugin built exclusively for Final Cut Pro X

Christmas brings a lot of joy, but also many projects concerning this specific stylistics. All editors know the struggle of creating additional graphics that suit the Christmas edits and the amount of work it takes to make them look satisfactory. With mModules Christmas your struggle will turn into a fun and easy game of putting together a splendid set of ready-made holiday-themed elements. These modules are modern, beautifully animated and perfectly crafted to emanate the spirit of Christmas. They will turn your edit into a concise composition in no time!

mCallouts Simple 2 FCPX Plugin – Stunning and Elegant Callouts for Final Cut Pro X 10.3

mCallouts Simple vol.2 is a brand new load of stunning elegance to describe the details of your edits. There is no limit to the uses of these universal trackable pieces of design, so you can just adapt them to almost every edit. Minimalistic, simple, but very stylish in every way – this pack will make your editing work much easier!

mIDENT: Business – Final Cut Pro X Plugin

Creating a quality corporate ident is a complicated process with many details that need to be taken into consideration. Putting an entire set of objectives into one video that is supposed to represent the image of your company may be difficult and time-consuming. MotionVFX has taken care of the difficult part, to edit your custom ident an easy and intuitive procedure. With mIdent’s 30 stunning modules you can mix all the crucial information and astounding design into one remarkable composition. Beautiful, elegant, eye-catching, easily customizable and loaded with important data – this plugin is a brand new approach to the topic of visual identity.

mLogo Simple 2 FCPX Plugin

These 30 elegant logo revealers give you a wide range of beautiful movement styles to make your company’s visual identity a real treat. Their diversity and minimalism make it suit every logo design and the smooth and polished animation makes the composition whole. Breath new life into your logotype design by giving it a fresh vibe!

mHUD 2 FCPX Plugin Powered by Mocha

This diversified pack of 50 incredible animated HUD elements gives you means of creating countless modern interfaces, display screens and holographic projections. Their unique Mocha-powered tracking system allows you to easily incorporate them into your edit with a smooth and efficient workflow. mHUD 2 is a superb plugin that will change the way you work with futuristic design, turning your edits into cinematic scenes directly in Final Cut Pro X!

mTitle Wedding vol. 2 Plugin for Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion 5

Wedding videos document a huge load of emotions and deserve professional editing and graphic design elements that can match the importance of the events. This pack of 30 superb titles were created to give you an elegant solution for your wedding edits, providing stylish captions and smooth animation for intros, bumps, interludes and credits. Minimalistic in design and utterly chic – mTitle Wedding vol.2 are a perfect completion to your shots.

mLowers Simple vol. 2 – A Set of 30 Minimalistic & Elegant FCPX and Motion 5 Lower Thirds

Clear captions that describe the action on the screen are always needful in editing. This is a perfect set of minimalistic lower3rds that will solve all your problems with short descriptive typography. These lowers are minimalistic and modernly designed to match every footage and to look stunning on every background.

mDoubleExposure – Multiple Exposure Effects Plugin For FCPX

Breathtaking multiple exposure effects known from photography have just arrived in FCPX. This incredible plugin lets you create multi-layered compositions with advanced customizable masking and control over numerous parameters. Create an artistic vision of blended videos with just a couple of steps. Cinematic double exposure shots are now at your fingertips.

mTitle Simple Pack vol. 3 Plugin for Final Cut Pro X – Beautifully Designed Titles Plugin Built Exclusively For FCPX

Flawless typography and minimalism of this incredible collection will make every edit a composition of elegance and style. They are universal, fast and efficient to work with – all every professional editor wishes for. Combined with their perfect design, this set of titles will fulfil all your typographical needs.

mTransition Mobile Plugin for Final Cut Pro X

MotionVFX loves fast, ready-made solutions for its edits, as much as they love good design. Now MotionVFX combined these two traits in a single plugin. This collection of 50 transitions is a beautiful way to introduce some modern technology into your edit. Now you can switch between different shots with the use of smartphones and tablets. Smooth, stylish and dynamic footage shifts have never been cooler.

mParallax plugin built exclusively for FCPX

Modern graphic design favours elegant, minimalistic effects that don’t draw your attention away from the important content. The mParallax plugin gives you a wide range of superb glass, refraction & parallax effects that will create an incredibly trendy presentation of your footage within just a click. This 50 diversified looks will add depth and gloss to your edit and can make your whole project just shine with awesomeness. Mix them for infinite combinations or use Custom Parallax project to create your very own look.

mMessage – Text Messaging Plugin for FCPX – Visualize your descriptions, text messages and social media feeds directly in Final Cut Pro X

A short description, a quick notification or a simple message is always handy when it comes to putting typography into an edit. With mMessage plugin, MotionVFX gives you a stunning set of 50 useful notifications with full automatic tracking powered by Mocha. Now you can easily simulate text message exchange, social media feed, or define a detail of your footage with a stylish caption. Just drag, drop, track and enjoy!

mTransition Zoom Plugin built exclusively for Final Cut Pro X

Some tools are an absolute must-have for every editor and this innovative pack is one of them. This 50 extremely dynamic footage shifts can be used in virtually every edit, giving your videos a cool zoom transition effect. Whatever project you’re working on mTransitions Zoom are simply perfect for the job. Drag, drop and proceed with your edit – it’s as simple as that!

mFrame 2 – 50 Handy Split Screens Built Exclusively for Final Cut Pro X

If you’re looking for an easy way to create awesome split-screen effects and footage frames, this plugin is the answer. Managing multiple placeholders with amazing animation, full control over multiple parameters and on-screen controls has never been easier. These 50 diversified footage frames will allow you to create an infinite number of different video presentations. Mix them and personalize every aspect of the look – the workflow is just natural and convenient. With mFrame vol.2 your edit will be tidier than ever.

mRevealer – 50 Multifunctional Revealers Built Exclusively For FCPX

Every editor loves quick and easy-to-use solutions for their projects, whatever the topic may be. A well-designed, trendy and beautifully animated opening spot is hard to find, not to mention the lengths you would have to go to to create it from scratch. This brilliant product gives you all those things in a ready-made form with an awesome design. A collection of 50 universal revealers will let you animate any element you wish by just dropping it into the edit. It has never been easier, faster and more stylish!

mCallouts Tech Plugin Powered by Mocha – built exclusively for Final Cut Pro X

This time MotionVFX brings you an incredibly handy collection of ultramodern callouts that can adorn your footage with some futuristic awesomeness. They look and work incredibly stunning in every situation, making your captions something more than just ordinary description. Grab this pack and make use of its terrific design, Mocha-powered tracking system and hi-tech stylization. There is no easier and more user-friendly way to go than mCallouts!

mLogo Simple – 30 Elegant Logo Animations Plugin Exclusively For FCPX

Your logo is a very important piece of the whole image of your brand and it is time to put it in motion with style. There is no easier and cooler way to do that than with this superb collection of 30 ready-made minimalistic logo animations! Choose the best reveal action for your logotype and give any edit an incredibly elegant intro. Your digital visual identification has never been easier to enhance.

mTitle 3D vol. 3 – 30 Excellent 3D Titles Plugin for FCPX and Motion 5

MotionVFX first-rate collection of 3D typography designs has just grown bigger. The third volume of those hi-end text openers is even more awesome, uniquely crafted, beautifully textured and perfectly animated. Pick your style, look and mood, customize it for the current edit and enjoy a one-of-a-kind motionVFX quality that cannot be mistaken with anything else!

mDoodle Plugin for FCPX – animated cartoon elements every editor needs

If you want to lively up your edit you just found a perfect set of incredible doodles that will do just that. These amazing 150 hand-drawn illustrations with cool animation and full control over their look give you infinite possibilities of creating fun cartoon scenes and footage decorations. You can use them individually, in groups and mixed with other footage – they are just tools in the hands of your imagination.

mTransition Shift Plugin for FCPX – Final Cut Pro X Plugin – 50 modern transitions

This amazing set of transitions gives you incredible freedom of shifting footage in countless ways. mTransition Shift pack of elegantly designed and energetically animated footage changeovers gives you a creative boost that will transform your edit completely. Simple, minimalistic and geometrical style of those transitions corresponds to almost every type of footage. It was built exclusively for FCPX to let you easily organize your clips. By giving them smooth passages between each other you can make your entire edit truly extraordinary.

mCallouts Plugin Powered by Mocha – built exclusively for Final Cut Pro X

This extremely useful pack will help you give every footage a proper description. An incredible set of 50 minimalistic callouts with Mocha powered tracking will stick tightly to whatever point you wish and help you make outstanding captions. They are simple, yet very powerful with adjustable animation mode and full customization. Now your edits’ typography can enter a brand new level of awesome!

mLUT Plugin – Free 3D LUT Loading Tool for FCPX and Apple Motion

This awesome Professional LUT loading tool allows you to collect, use and manage your LUT files, all in one place. Totally free. You can import your own .cube files or use MotionVFX awesome packs. Just by applying mLuts in your production, you can get the cinematic look you searched for with minimal effort. Now using 3D LUTs in Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro X is easier than ever before.

mBehavior 2 plugin for Final Cut Pro X – keyframeless animation plugin for FCPX.

Another set of 160 stunningly dynamic animations presets is here! MotionVFX created the sequel of one of MotionVFX finest products to give you an even wider range of cool universal animations for anything from alpha channel elements to 4K footage. Shift, rotate, twist, twirl and make your elements jump with just drag and drop workflow. Make your editing in FCPX a fun experience and put in motion entire scenes! It has never been easier and more awesome!

mInfographics – charts and diagrams plugin for FCPX

Infographics are an extremely useful form of data presentation. It is also very efficient, as the graphic representation of different values and amounts is much more accessible for the viewer. Now you can effortlessly create your own infographic on any topic with your custom typography, data, colours and arrangement. mInfographics give you a set of 60 beautifully designed, diverse and superbly stylized elements you can mix, sort and rearrange in an infinite number of ways. This plugin will change the way you work with data, making it much simpler efficient and fun!

mCensor – Censoring Plugin for FCPX and Motion 5

mCensor plugin is a maximally simplified, yet tremendously powerful tool for creating and tracking censorship masks in FCPX. With just a few simple steps you can set up and track the censoring effect that will follow your target perfectly. Technology powered by Mocha® ensures that the tracking process is fast, precise and firm, so working with the masks is nothing but pleasant. This plugin is a must-have for both professionals and beginners, it’s interface makes working with it effortless and the results are excellent.

mLUT Cinematic Pack – 30 Cinematic 3D LUTs for any Software Supporting Them. Collection of.CUBE files. FCPX and Apple Motion 5 Plugin included.

LUTs are a very powerful tool for image grading. With this amazing pack of 30 look-up tables, you can achieve the most popular professional and cinematic gradings in the industry. With very simple and efficient workflow your edit gains a unique colourization that brings to mind the looks of the hi-end box-office hits. Switch to prograding with ease by getting this remarkable pack!

mTitle Retro plugin for FCPX and Apple Motion 5 – 30 Retro FCPX and Motion 5 Titles

This time MotionVFX used its typographical magic to create a marvellous pack of titles inspired by the vintage style. mTitle Retro pack is stylized to take you back in time with the design of the text, but give you a wide range of applications at the same time. These titles are universal, easily personalizable, scalable and sophisticatedly animated. If you need a set of fashionable openers, captions or descriptive annotations these 30 typo gems are waiting for you.

mWatercolor Plugin for Final Cut Pro X

Stylizing an image digitally to look like handcrafted is a very demanding task. MotionVFX accepted the challenge to create a set of artistic effects for footage and managed to do it just right. mWatercolor saves you hours of the creative process. With just drag&drop action you can achieve a stunning aesthetic effect of diverse painting and drawing techniques. MotionVFX plugin will help you completely reinvent your edit, giving it an artful element that makes it unique.

mTitle 3D Christmas Plugin for FCPX and Apple Motion 5

This lovely season is coming soon and with it a lot of projects that need a suitable title opener. Christmas has its own specific atmosphere that is crucial in designing motion graphics. MotionVFX believes that this new mTitle 3D Christmas pack of titles captures that feeling perfectly. These 15 unique openers are very diverse, yet all of them emanate the Christmas spirit MotionVFX cherishes so much. They are ready to use, just pick your type and make it your project’s intro, or customize some parameters to arrive at the look you specifically need. Merry Christmas folks, have a great holiday and let your work be easier with this MotionVFX plugin!

mMorphCut – morph cut plugin for FCPX. Fix your jump cuts within a click.

Jump cuts can be really annoying when it comes to editing an interview or a video blog. Creating a really smooth video without any unnecessary pauses, breathing spaces and hesitations can be really challenging without any help from external software. That’s why mMorphCut was created. With this amazing one-click plugin you can morph a jump cut between similar footages into a seamless transition. Just drag, drop and forget. No more B-rolls, jerky transitions, fade-ins or cross dissolves. That’s how it should be done.

mFrame – 50 Split-Screen Effects. FCPX Plugin.

Sometimes an edit is just overloaded with footage and chaos starts to sneak into MotionVFX work. mFrame is the answer to the demands of a modern professional editor that likes to keep things tidy. Now you can smartly arrange multiple videos to show simultaneously in different variations and with various animation. You can create video-walls and split-screen effects with just drag and drop workflow and numerous adjustment parameters. mFrame will solve all your problems with screen division and transitions in no time.

mTitle 3D Halloween – 3D Text Plugin for Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion 5. MotionVFX – the best FCPX and Apple Motion Plugins in the world.

MotionVFX 3D Titles went really spooky this time and will endow your project with some astoundingly creepy typography. Halloween atmosphere, style and design are very strong in this plugin so you can create an eerie title opener without losing time for stylization. This set of 15 titles covers the most popular themes so just pick your thing and give it a custom touch. As always, MotionVFX did its best to make your work easier, so you can have more time for trick-or-treating!

mGlass – 100 Subtle Glass Elements Plugin for FCPX. Final Cut Pro X, Apple Motion 5, Compositing Elements, Plug-in.

If you need to add some extra elegance and style to your edit this plugin is something that will let you achieve your goal in seconds. 100 subtle glass effects in 12 different categories make an infinite number of combinations that activate your videos’ potential. Sophisticated and classy bling of mGlass will turn your project into a professional and fashionable presentation – all that inside FCPX with minimum effort and user-friendly workflow.

mTitle Simple Pack vol. 2 Plugin for Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion 5 Templates

One of MotionVFX finest typographical plugins has just got its sequel. This collection of flawless titles is all that is best in minimalistic and elegant style. Fully customizable, easily editable, beautiful in every aspect and matching every edit – that’s what MotionVFX Simple series is all about. Get it and take your typography to the next level!

mForm – 150 Animated Shape Elements Plugin for FCPX. Final Cut Pro X, Apple Motion 5, Compositing Elements, Plug-in.

These extraordinary pack will bring life, dynamism and energy into any project you’re working on. It consists of over 150 elements that are flawlessly animated from various shapes. Just put them into your scene and enjoy the exciting commotion they bring. The possibilities and applications of this plugin are endless. Design backgrounds, adornments, transitions, masks, typography additions or whatever you need – the only limit is your imagination!

mBehavior plugin for Final Cut Pro X – keyframeless animation for FCPX.

Animation of objects and elements is a complex process that takes a lot of skill, time, and effort. As always, MotionVFX worked hard to spare you all this with MotionVFX incredible plugin. This time MotionVFX designed an amazing set of 150 ready-made animations for all sorts of FCPX’s elements. You can set in motion your videos, pictures, generators, or elements with alpha channel. All that with just dragging and dropping one of the MotionVFX behaviours. These vigorous animations can be adjusted, re-timed and mixed for the cool, fun, lively and energetic movement you’re looking for.

mCinegraph plugin for FCPX and Apple Motion 5 – Make cinemagraph effects from videos.

mCinegraph is MotionVFX answer to the demands of editors trying to achieve the effect of an animated still. With this handy plugin, you can now produce stylish photographies, in which different parts move repetitively. All that in just a few easy steps. Transform your videos into delicately animated images by just painting your mask over the area you want to stay dynamic. Fluent FCPX workflow and user-friendly interface make working with mCinegraph a pleasant adventure.

Glitch and Distortion Transitions Plugin for FCPX, Final Cut Pro X.

MotionVFX created this incredibly energetic pack to make every editor happy. This set of 50 glitch & distortion transitions will give your edit an extra boost of dynamism and a cinematic hint that will enrich your whole project. They are built exclusively for FCPX and 4K ready. Customize every element’s parameters, timing and apply cool, glitchy transitions to your videos with ease. Facilitate your workflow and save lots of time and money!

mTitle 3D vol. 2 – Perfectly Stylized 3D Titles for Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion 5

The second edition of MotionVFX phenomenal 3D Titles is here! Brand new collection of 30 + 1 unique typography designs with coolest effects, finest textures and beautiful sceneries wait for you! MotionVFX created those titles to be as diverse as possible so that everyone could find something useful for their project. Get them, customize the parameters to fit your needs and stun your viewers with the best 3D typography for FCPX on the market.

mSaber – Cinematic Lightsaber Plugin for FCPX and Motion 5. Star Wars Effects Plugin

mSaber is a cinematic plugin for creating the world-famous lightsaber effects in your productions. It is very easy to use, fully customizable and has an advanced built-in masking tool. With this plugin, you can change an ordinary video into a movie-like epic duel with breathtaking futuristic laser effects. Control the effect easily with on-screen controls and find a look you are looking for with multiple published parameters. mSaber is a perfect mixture of easy and powerful, you can create a stunning outcome with minimal effort.

mVolumetric Plugin for Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion 5

Have you ever thought about organic volumetric light rays inside Motion 5 and FCPX? Did you try to achieve an effect of backlit elements with beams of light shining towards the camera? Now you can have all that without dreaming! This new plugin creates realistic and fully three-dimensional volumetric lighting effects directly in your scene! Use a whole list of setting parameters, occluder elements and adjustable caster source to create a realistic effect of volumetric illumination with minimum effort. All that in 3D space and totally customizable! Grab mVolumetric and find out how much better your project can look with a touch of volumetric lighting.

mBundle Simple Pack plugin for Final Cut Pro X – a collection of elegant and minimalistic titles, lower thirds and transitions for FCPX and Apple Motion 5

These simplistic sets of templates are very useful for almost every project. Their versatility lays in their minimalistic design that fits all topics and astounds with clarity and style. Now you can have a whole collection and create a complete visual content of a project. All that at a great bundle price! Enjoy simplicity!

mArrows – 60 Animated Pointer Elements for FCPX and any other editing software

When you create a promo video for whatever product it is crucial to point to its important traits and characteristics. This is why MotionVFX created this amazing collection of dynamic arrow elements that you can mix, arrange, compose and use in every possible way. These pointers are beautifully designed in three different categories to give you a vast scope of possibilities to make a perfect presentation. Give your footage an extra boost and make the most relevant parts more discernible for the viewer. With such a huge amount of those arrows creating a unique composition is easy and quick! Enjoy!

mTitle 3D – Beautifully designed 3D Titles Plugin for Final Cut Pro X 10.2 and Apple Motion 5.2. FCPX Title Plugin.

This incredible pack of 30+1 titles uses the new 3D text extrusion features of Motion 5 to the fullest. Now you can make use of the most awe-inspiring aspects of the real 3D animation and design with minimal effort. Just put in your text, customize the composition to your needs and your terrific typographical opener is ready! All kinds of styles and stylizations found in this remarkable collection will let you find what you are looking for. Just make your choice and enjoy the power of 3D!

mTransition Simple Pack plugin for Final Cut Pro X

This fantastic set of 50 simple and elegant transitions is something you really should have in your professional editing tools collection. They will make your every project easier, without thinking about choosing the right style to fit your edit – they harmonize with any topic. Their clear-cut design and universal animation are the traits that make them a perfect pick for any footage.

mTransition Light Pack plugin for Final Cut Pro X and 4K Stock Elements for any compositing or editing software

This impressively vast collection of luminous transitions is a must-have for every professional editor. With this impressive light effects transitions, you will be able to switch and shift between your footage with zero effort and maximum awesomeness. mTransition Light pack is overflowing with beautiful flares, flashes shimmers and glows that will fill your edit with dynamism and energy, making it as engaging and fascinating as possible.

mLowers Simple – 4K Lower Thirds for Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion 5

Clarity is one of the most important aspects of conveying messages and lower thirds are the essence of quick info about the topic. This pack was created here at motionVFX to give you a handy tool for creating visually superb and typographically clear captions for your projects. mLowers Simple are full of minimalistic and modern design that will add a stylish description to every footage and are extremely user-friendly and easy to customize.

mLUT – 25 Instagram Inspired LUT Files and LUT plugin for Final Cut Pro X

If you’ve always wished to grade your footage like in the most popular social media this pack is your dream come true. This impressive set consists of 25 well-balanced look-up tables inspired by the trendy grades you can find all over the web. If you want to stay up-to-date with the modern trends and you like to work with fast, flexible and user-friendly software mLut Insta is definitely what you need to get. Washed out, vintage, monochromatic, contrasted, faded, tarnished, etc. – there is a professional grade for everyone inside!

mDirts – 150 Royalty-Free 4K Scratch and Dirt Elements for Final Cut Pro X, Apple Motion 5, After Effects Templates, Adobe Premiere, Nuke, Smoke and any other compositing or NLE software. Shot on RED.

mDirts is a set of 150 superb highest-quality dirt and scratches textures designed to be used within any image processing software supporting blend or composite mode (such as Final Cut Pro X, Apple Motion, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Nuke, Smoke, Photoshop, Pixelmator, Gimp etc.). To use them in your production, just drag them into your workspace, select a suitable blend or composite mode, customize the parameters and you’re done. mDirts is a fantastic collection for everyone who wants to enrich their work with a bit of grunge and give it an unforgettable shabby look.

mTitle Simple Pack – Final Cut Pro X Plugin. FCPX Title Templates.

Sometimes all you need to create a perfect title is a mixture of font and subtle effects – this is how mTitle Simple Pack was created. A well-balanced design evolving around modern, flat look is what this amazing set of 20 tile openers is all about. It’s easy to use, fully customizable and very flexible. You can use them in countless types of projects.

mCharacter 2 – cartoon character plugin for FCPX and Apple Motion 5

Remember MotionVFX supercool mCharacter plugin for FCPX and Motion 5? Here’s a sequel! Meet these amazing 20 new characters that will help you create, animate and present scenes that will stun your audience with charm, humour and superb cartoon design. What is more, you can use 10 brand new backgrounds and 10 emoticons to show your characters current mood. Combine all characters, backgrounds and extras, customize them and create your own protagonists for the stories you want to tell. It’s all very easy and the possibilities are endless.

mHUD – Heads Up Display plugin for FCPX and Motion 5

This incredible pack of 50 HUD-inspired elements will allow you to create cinematic looking projects of the finest sort. Futuristic, thin-lined, well-designed and fully customizable projects along with pre-rendered Quicktime files give you the total creative freedom of usage and a possibility to use them in your favourite editing software. The future is here folks, it just needs a few of these amazing HUDs to look awesome!

mBadges Celebration – FCPX and Apple Motion 5 plugin

An occasional version of mBadges series is here! This set of 30 thematic animated tags will let you create anything you want with just a few clicks. It’s all easy, fast, looking great and waiting for you to try it! Designing spots, ads, bumps, lower thirds, titles, openers and other stuff for holidays, special days and events have never been easier!

mLUT – Final Cut Pro X Plugin and Professional Set of 30 LUT Files for any Software Supporting them

This set of 30 colour look-up tables is the most efficient, powerful and fast way to grade your footage MotionVFX’s created yet. LUTs are widely used in professional image processing, they will work in any application you like to use in your workflow that supports them. It doesn’t matter what kind of camera you use to produce your videos. mLUT will give your shots a truly cinematic look you were always looking for with minimal effort. Now you can work in real-time with superb grades inspired by the most famous motion pictures.

mAberratic – Organic Chromatic Aberration Plugin for FCPX and Apple Motion 5

It’s here! mAberratic is a long-awaited tool for making your shot look professional and organic. Create a subtle channel asynchrony that will enrich your footage and give it a more natural look.

mLooks Vintage Plugin for Final Cut Pro X – 20 FCPX Vintage Presets – Beautifully Aged Grading Effects for Final Cut Pro X

This part of mLooks series will take you for a trip into the past and will add a superb vintage feel to your footage. These 20 retrograding effects will make every video look fantastic and the customization options allow you to create an infinite number of looks. Get creative with this awesome pack!

mTitle Urban Pack Plugin for Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion 5. FCPX Title Plugin

This set of 15 opening titles have a true spirit of the city within their design. They are perfect as openers, intros and all sorts of titles that are connected with the urban topic. You can customize them with ease and create a perfect look for your kind of production. Enjoy!

mModules Essentials plugin for Final Cut Pro X

Another version of mModules series arrived. This time MotionVFX hands to you a set of 60 incredible module animations that are essential in almost every visual identification, advertisement or corporate production. mModules Essentials are divided into 10 categories that can be arranged in an infinite number of ways. They are extremely easy to use, fully customizable, pre-animated, rigged and very awesome!

mZap – 100 Animated Comic Elements for FCPX and Any Compositing Software

mZap is an incredible collection of 100 comic animated elements that will bring some real action and dynamism to your project. Use them to add swooshes, bangs, thuds, blinks and all sorts of decorative cartoon details that create that one-of-a-kind look! FCPX projects and pre-keyed QuickTime files included, so you could use them in your favourite compositing software!

mLooks Mono – 20 FCPX Grading Effects – FCPX Plugins

mLooks Mono – 20 FCPX Grading Effects – FCPX Plugins – 20 monochromatic grading filters for Final Cut Pro X.

mLogo4 – 30 (+ 2 free) FCPX and Apple Motion 5 Logo Animations Plugin

mLogo4 – 30 (+ 2 free) FCPX and Apple Motion 5 Logo Animations Plugin

mStripe Plugin for FCPX – 30 Amazing Stripe Elements for FCPX and Motion 5

mStripe Plugin for FCPX – 30 Amazing Stripe Elements for FCPX and Motion 5

mTitle Wedding Pack Plugin for Motion 5 and FCPX. FCPX Title Templates.

mTitle Wedding Pack is the easiest way of creating brilliant openers and titles for every wedding footage you edit. This set of 20 Motion 5 & FCPX Titles will make your work much easier and amazing in a short period of time. You can customize everything and create countless looks!

mCharacter – Cartoon Character Pack for FCPX and Apple Motion 5

mCharacter is a plugin that allows you to create your own cartoon-style animations with ease. It’s a set containing 10 fully customizable characters, 10 pre-animated and editable backgrounds and 3 text clouds of different kinds. MotionVFX special skeleton generator allows you to animate the character using onscreen controls or by choosing an animation preset. It’s supercooling, intuitive and very effective. Try it!

mModules Corporate – 20 professional corporate presentations for FCPX. Infinite possibilities, amazing results.

This amazing set of corporate style titles is the easiest way of creating a diverse and versatile presentation of your company or product. Create the visual identity of your enterprise directly in FCPX, using these pre-animated modular templates! It’s fast, professional and creates a look that will stay in the viewers’ memory!

mBadges – 30 Quality Badges for FCPX and Motion 5

MotionVFX loves to provide the best content in the universe and this time MotionVFX went even further. This incredible set of 30 fully customizable badges is just bursting with possibilities. You can use these badges, pins, ribbons, tags and labels for almost every purpose. Present your company name, create a quick bump or design a custom, badge-style lower third – it’s all easy, quick and awesome with mBadges! Get this fresh collection in MotionVFX store and make your life easier!



FCPX Plugin – mTitle Blockbuster Pack – 30 Cinematic Titles for Motion 5 and FCPX. FCPX Title Templates.

mTitle Blockbuster Pack is a collection of 30 Cinematic Titles for Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro X. More info:

mLooks Bundle – Plugin for Final Cut Pro X- 185 FCPX Grading Presets

mLooks Bundle is a set of professional colour grading presets for Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro X that will enrich every pro’s toolkit. Bundle includes:

mLooks 3 Plugin for Final Cut Pro X – 30 Cinematic Grading Presets for FCPX

A professional plugin that turns your flat shots into real Hollywood blockbusters within a few clicks. Designed and built from scratch exclusively for Final Cut Pro X, these grades are extremely efficient and easy to use. It doesn’t matter if you work with RED’s RAW or Canon’s H264 files – mLooks3 is a way of giving them a quality colour grading every time.

mLogo Bundle – 90 amazing logo animations for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5

mLogo Bundle – 90 amazing logo animations for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 – mLogo Bundle is a bundled collection of mLogo, mLogo 2 and mLogo 3.

mLogo 3 – 30 beautiful logo animations for FCPX and Motion 5

mLogo 3 is a collection of 30 beautiful high-quality logotype animations designed to be used within Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5. Just drag your logo, change the colours and you are ready to rock! Simple Effective and ready to use.

mLogo 2 – 30 new logo animations for FCPX and Motion 5

mLogo 2 is a collection of 30 new high-quality logotype animations designed to be used within Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5. Just drag your logo, change the colours and you are ready to rock! Simple Effective and ready to use.

mTransition Bundle – 150 Final Cut Pro X Transitions in One Bundle.

mTransition Bundle – 150 Final Cut Pro X Transitions in One Bundle. mTransition Bundle is a pack of 150 transitions for FCPX.

mTransition 3 – set of 50 amazing 3D transitions for Final Cut Pro X – FCPX Transitions

mTransition 3 – set of 50 amazing 3D transitions for Final Cut Pro X – FCPX Transitions. mTransition 3 is a set of 50 amazing transitions for Final Cut Pro Xansition 3

mSPY – a CG Spy set for FCPX and Motion 5

mSPY – a CG Spy set for FCPX and Motion 5

mLogo – 30 Logo Animations for FCPX and Motion 5

mLogo is a collection of 30 high-quality logotype animations designed to be used within Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5. Just drag your logo, change the colours and you are ready to rock! Simple Effective and ready to use.

mLowers – 50 professional lower thirds for Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion 5

mLowers for FCPX and Motion 5 – Bundle of 50 Professional Lower Thirds for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5

mGlitch plugin for FCPX and Motion 5 – distortion effects done right.

Plugin for FCPX and Motion 5.possibilities of creating glitches and distortion effects right inside Final Cut Pro and Motion scratch natively for FCPX and Motion 5 to grant you full control, speed and ease of working with glitch, distortion and jitter effects.

mTransition 2 – 50 new transitions for Final Cut Pro X

mTransition collection of 50 new transitions for Final Cut Pro X.55, 0, 0); FCPX 10.0.5 is REQUIRED

mLooks Lite – 5 Free mLooks Plugin for Final Cut Pro X

mLooks Lite collection of 5 FREE FCPX Grading Effects. Powerful, Easy to use and… FREE!

mLooks Wedding Plugin for Final Cut Pro X – 50 Wedding Grading Presets for FCPX

mLooks Wedding Plugin for Final Cut Pro X – 50 Wedding Grading Presets for FCPX. mLooks Wedding Edition – amazing wedding looks for Final Cut Pro X.

mTransition – 50 Awesome Final Cut Pro X Transitions

mTransition – 50 Awesome Final Cut Pro X Transitions. Collection of 50 Awesome Transitions for Final Cut Pro X.

mBurns – 50 film burn effects for your favourite editing suite

Collection of 50 awesome Full HD film burn MPEG-4 files + 50 FCPX Effects and 50 FCPX Transitions.

mLooks 2 Plugin for Final Cut Pro X – 45 Movie FCPX Grading Presets

mLooks 2 Plugin for Final Cut Pro X – 45 Movie FCPX Grading Presets – Collection of 45 amazing grading presets for FCPX.

mLooks Plugin for Final Cut Pro X – 60 FCPX Grading Presets

mLooks Plugin for Final Cut Pro X – 60 FCPX Grading Presets