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MotionVFX | FCPX Plugins | Apple Motion Templates: MotionVFX is a registered trademark of a company called MotionVFX, founded and owned by Szymon Masiak. Szymon is well known in the computer graphic industry and has been working in it for over 25 years in areas like computer games, commercials and major motion pictures. motionVFX – Original Home of Apple Motion Templates and Final Cut Pro X Plugins. Access your entire MotionVFX FCPX Plugins and Motion Templates collection within a click. The easiest way to manage your downloads and licenses.

mTracker 3D – Automatic 3D Tracker Plugin for Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion

MotionVFX tries to make your lives easier. MotionVFX tools have always been innovative and helpful for Apple Motion and FCP users and provided new ways to take your content to another level. Time has come for the next big thing. A true revolution in compositing. mTracker 3D is a mind-blowing plugin that lets you precisely recreate the movement of the camera used to film your shot. This means that any object added into a tracked scene will naturally follow the camera’s movement as if it was there from the beginning! There’s no end to all the elements you can insert in post-production and completely transform your footage. From special effects to commercial advertising, from professional productions to funny home videos – all this and more can be achieved within a single click. That’s right, mTracker 3D does its magic in the easiest way there is, there’s no complicated workflows or convoluted procedures to get to a perfect effect. This plugin will revolutionize the way Final Cut Pro users look at compositing. Now you can extend the reality on your shots and realize your creative ideas with no restraints, other than your imagination.

mTracker 3D Captions Pack – Set Of Trackable 2D Captions For mTracker 3D Final Cut Pro And Apple Motion Plugin

An assortment of well-crafted captions to add descriptive information to any spot of your footage. Put these typographical elements in your compositions and emphasize the details you want to highlight.

mTracker 3D Pointers Pack – Set Of Trackable 3D Pointers For mTracker 3D Final Cut Pro And Apple Motion Plugin

A set of diversified 3D pointers to mark certain spots on your videos or to direct the viewers’ focus to a certain area. Track these well-designed indicators and match hi-quality visuals with your shots, creating an engaging whole.

mTracker 3D Titles Pack – Set Of Trackable 3D Titles For mTracker 3D Final Cut Pro And Apple Motion Plugin

A collection of stylish 3D typography presets to spice up your compositions and fill the 3D space on your shots. Create amazing openers, titles, and other content and enhance your edits with some video-embedded text.

mTracker 3D Emoji Pack – Free Pack Of Trackable 3D Emoji For mTracker 3D Plugin For Final Cut Pro And Apple Motion

A variety of 3D emoji to choose from and influence your viewers’ positive perception of your work. Shuffle between different reactions and elicit various emotions in your audience, as easy as never!

mTracker 3D Essential Bundle: mTracker 3D + Titles Pack + Pointers Pack + Captions Pack

mTracker 3D Essential Bundle, besides the plugin, gives you a massive selection of over 150 trackable 3D titles, pointers, and captions to get you started on your journey to take your content to another level. Your professional productions and amateur home videos can now be expanded to a whole new reality, constrained only by your imagination.

mBundle Film – Professional Cinematic Production Studio Toolset For Final Cut Pro X

With this bundle, you get a set of FCPX tools that will turn your working station into a professional cinematic production studio. Now you can give every edit the iconic movie look that will astonish your viewers!

mFilmLook FCPX Plugin – All-in-one Correction, Grading & Effects Plugin For Final Cut Pro X

Tired of your shots looking flat and dull? Want some of that cinema magic that makes a movie exceptional? Now you can have an affordable solution to turn your videos into genuine film scenes right inside FCPX. This all-in-one plugin gives you all necessary tools to instantly create a visual masterpiece out of ordinary shots. Fast, easy and without going into professional complexity of filmmaking. Drag, drop, customize and tell your story to the world!

mO2 – Real 3D Rendering Engine Plugin for Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion

MotionVFX has been delivering top-quality products since the beginning, but this time MotionVFX is proud to hand you this innovative piece of software. MotionVFX gives you mO2 – a revolutionary 3D rendering engine for Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro X. This plugin brings 3D motion graphics directly to your timeline and gives you unrestrained creative power with blazing fast rendering times. Full FCPX and Motion integration, multiple supported formats, physically based rendering, high-quality post-processing and tons of included free content – all this and more will help you forge your creative ideas into reality. With this intuitive and easy-to-use tool, no 3D project will be beyond your reach.

mFlare 2 – Professional Lens Flare Plugin For FCPX and Apple Motion

mFlare 2 provides a very powerful set of tools for creating professional, realistic light effects. Now you can complete your edits with anamorphic lens flares and other organic illumination effects in the comfort of your studio, without buying expensive lenses and lighting equipment. The uninhibited possibilities to create ultimately authentic flares are now at your fingertips.

mTransitions Mega Pack FCPX Plugin – A Massive Collection Of Exclusive Transitions For Final Cut Pro X

Modern editing requires dynamic changes, footage shifts, and energetic animation to keep the viewers entertained and craving for more. This is where transitions come in handy, helping the creator build a more consistent flow of the edit and diversify the movements. mTransition Mega Pack is a huge base of assorted transitions that come in all styles and looks. It’s a must-have for every FCPX user who wants to improve the workflow and enhance the rhythm of the edits. With this massive collection of stylish motion, design presets you will never lack a suitable shift to boost your current project.

mLowers Mega Pack FCPX Plugin – A Massive Collection Of Diversified Lower Thirds Exclusively For Final Cut Pro X

Motion design essentials, such as lower3rds, are always needed in editing to improve the visual side of the project. The diversity of topics that are covered in editing jobs creates a demand for a variety of motion design graphics that would match the action on the screen. mLowers Mega Pack is a huge collection of lower thirds that will equip your toolbox with over 130 diversified presets that you can use instantly or customize to perfectly fit your current stylistics. Drag & drop, easy to use, and beautifully designed – these lower3rds are a must-have plugin to facilitate your workflow and enrich your edits’ visual side.

mPuppet – Real Puppet Tool Plugin for Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro X

Movement is the spirit of dynamism in motion design and animated compositions are much more interesting and engaging. But what if you could breath some life into still images in a fast and accessible way or warp their structure to change the appearance? Now you can! mPuppet is a handy tool for creating puppet animations of inanimate objects with just a couple of steps. Now your pictures or other static elements can interact with videos or build complex energetic compositions on their own. You’re the puppet master and you decide what strings to pull to introduce some action to your edits.

mLUT Film 3 – Beautiful Expert LUT Pack Inspired By Cinema

Cinematic colour grading is applied to highlight the narrative and to boost the emotional load contained in the shot. Within feature films, colourization has an enormous impact on the reception of the final effect and the feelings it will evoke. mLUT Film 3 is a professional collection of filmic colour gradings that will put a finishing polish on your edit and turn it into a Hollywood-level production. These LUTs will add a purely aesthetic quality to your videos that will elevate them above average and give them a unique set of cinematic traits.

mTitle Hype FCPX Plugin – A Complete Pack Of Powerful Typography Presets And Add-ons Exclusively For Final Cut Pro X

Motion design and typography is a combination that is guaranteed to speak to your audience. Conveying the message clearly and entertaining the senses at the same time is a powerful method of getting the attention of your viewers. If you want to create some real hype around your content, you need to use the extraordinary design that will distinguish it from others. mTitle Hype is a collection of remarkably energetic typography presets that are modern, dynamic, and eye-catching. Enhancing your edits with these unique text stylizations will give your work the leverage to stand out from the background. Boost your visuals, and let yourself be visible!

mTransition Distortion FCPX Plugin – Dynamic Glitch Transitions Exclusively for Final Cut Pro X

Futuristic aesthetics often incorporate effects connected with computers and digital displays. What follows is a whole range of diverse malfunctions and distortions that can produce some interesting visuals. MotionVFX used that phenomenon to create a pack of rousing transitions that can introduce a truly innovative look into your edits. Complete with energetic animation, these powerful footage shifts create a unique distorted look that boosts your edit’s flow and fascinates the viewer. Get this pack and give your videos a unique vibe that will make your work stand out from the crowd!

mTitle Cyberpunk FCPX Plugin – Complete Pack Of Futuristic Openers and Effects Exclusively For Final Cut Pro X

The tech-advanced and futuristic stylistics are extremely popular lately and they sneak into almost any branch of digital graphics. Cyberpunk aesthetics took over many websites and motion design productions and are stimulating our senses with sci-fi themes and contrasting colours. mTitle Cyberpunk is a complete pack of stylized openers and visual effects to turn your edit into a real deal cyberpunk video. Dynamic animation, digital glitches and distortions, vivid palette and energetic compositions put your work on another level of quality. With these titles and a wide range of effects and thematic details, you can easily express the true nature of futuristic stylization.

mChannel Clean FCPX Plugin – Complete Channel Graphics Pack Exclusively For Final Cut Pro X

Content creators are focused on the quality of their videos and often forget about the graphic layout of their channels. The viewers, on the other hand, are usually drawn to the visual side, as it’s the first thing they have contact with. Openers, lower3rds and graphical add-ons are a very important part of every video because such details determine the character of the content. mChannel Clean is a very elegant set of pre-animated motion design elements that will elevate your channel to another level. With these presets, you can adorn your videos with modern stylistics and dynamic movement to draw the attention of a bigger audience. Now you can concentrate on the excellence of your content and let mChannel Clean take care of the rest.

mIntro 2 FCPX Plugin – Beautiful Channel Openers for Final Cut Pro X

A good eye-catching opener can go a long way, by imprinting a positive image in the viewers’ memory. The graphic layout of any project tells a lot about the content and is a showcase of the creator. mIntro 2 gives you a ready-made set of modules to create an opening that will introduce your channel, vlog, or any other project you create with spectacular style. These beautifully animated and stylish presets give you a toolbox that will turn your logotype, title, or slogan into a memorable piece of motion design. Drag and drop workflow, ease of use, and amazing customizability will save you a lot of time to concentrate on your content.

mSeries Classified FCPX Plugin – Complete Series Graphic Layout Exclusively For Final Cut Pro X

Storytelling with visual media, like films or music clips, is a complex process that involves several crucial factors. One of them is a graphic layout that highlights the video and harmonizes with the overall character of the final result. mSeries Classified is a groundbreaking collection of presets, effects, transitions, and cinematic titles that construct a complete graphic layout for a dramatic series with a unique atmosphere. It’s fuelled by thrilling effects and dynamic shifts to help you tell a compelling story that will fascinate your viewers. Perfectly matched, easy-to-use and customizable components make creating intros, interludes, credits, and all sorts of graphic layout details a smooth and enjoyable process. All the effects are at your fingertips and ready to take your story to another level of cinematography.

mStories 2 FCPX Plugin – Instagram and Facebook Stories Plugin for Final Cut Pro X – MotionVFX

Everybody likes to capture the atmosphere of a beautiful moment and share it with friends. Social media stories are a great way to do that and present a piece of your life to a broader audience. mStories 2 give you a huge collection of presets to illustrate your feed with spectacular motion design and catch the attention of your viewers. Boost your online image with these sensational looks and stand out from the crowd of other accounts with basic stylizations. Make your content unique and inspire your followers!

mFreezeFrame Movie FCPX Plugin – 30 Cinematic Freeze Frame Effects + Multiple Add-ons for Final Cut Pro X

Creating a cinematic edit takes a lot of effort and skills, and capturing that subtle look is a result of various factors working together. MotionVFX builds tools to help you with the creative process and get the movie vibe in your projects easier. mFreezeFrame Movie is a spectacular plugin that will let you create the iconic freeze-frame interludes in your shots with ease. Complete with fully FCPX-integrated masking tools, overlay effects, typography, and cinematic stylization presets, this plugin will make your editing productions sensational and movie-like.

mLUT Movie 2 – Beautiful Professional LUT Pack Inspired By The Most Influential Movies

Filmmaking is an art that, among many other aspects, deals with evoking emotions in the viewers. A powerful way to do that and convey a visual tone or a certain mood is colourization. mLUT Movie 2 is a carefully selected collection of filmic gradings that will help you craft the look and feel of the story you’re narrating. These gradings are a one-click way to perfect the colour of your videos and create a consistent aesthetic. Elevate the storytelling in your production and heighten the narrative of your edit by giving your shots a truly cinematic look!

mTitle Abstract FCPX Plugin – Modern Typography Patterns Plugin Exclusively For Final Cut Pro X

The abstract design is a special kind of visual arts because it focuses on the organic feel rather than the accuracy of the message. It leaves a lot of room for interpretation and just absorbing the information rather than reading it. mTitle Abstract is a collection of typographical compositions with diversified structure and natural forms, combining dynamic curves, geometric shapes, and functional style. These text layouts are balanced, rhythmic and exceptionally interesting. This look is perfect to draw attention to your content and make the imagination work. Add some of this typographical marvel to your edits and make an impact on your audience!

mLight Diffuse Free FCPX Plugin – Light Diffuse Effects Exclusively for Final Cut Pro X

Lighting is a powerful tool to alter the mood of your videos and give them a cinematic vibe. Various optical effects can make your edits more engaging and impressive. mLight Diffuse is a set of free presets that will reshape the look of your videos with soft and subtle lighting. Drag, drop, customize and enjoy a beautiful luminance on your shots. Create a unique atmosphere fast and easy!

mChannel Modern FCPX Plugin – Complete Channel Graphics Pack Exclusively For Final Cut Pro X

If you’re a vlogger or a YouTuber you want to focus on creating the best possible content. The whole surroundings of your activity are set aside, but very often the first glimpse of your channel is what decides whether the viewer will stick around. MotionVFX gives you mChannel Modern – a collection of motion graphics to stylize your channel in a trendy and catchy way. This set of tools will help you create engaging visuals to improve your content and give your social media a professional vibe that will draw the attention of the new viewers and please the regular ones. Now you can concentrate on your videos and have a unique design to illustrate and enrich your content.

mBehavior Basic Free FCPX Plugin – Essential Animation Presets Exclusively for Final Cut Pro X

Creating dynamic and engaging animations can be tricky because it takes a lot of experience and knowledge of various laws of movement. For both, experienced and beginner creators animating is a time-consuming activity, and getting the job done well sometimes requires a lot of effort. mBehavior Basic is a brilliant tool that can take the load away and do all the work for you! These energetic presets give you a way of moving any element by just dropping a ready-made animation directly on it. Without arduous keyframing and setting the timings – a smooth and energetic movement in a matter of seconds! This plugin is a must-have in every creator’s toolbox to give some dynamism to footage, text, graphics and anything you can imagine.

mPrism FCPX Plugin – Cinematic Prismatic Effects Plugin Exclusively for Final Cut Pro X

Creating a stunning edit takes a lot of components to work together to create a consistent whole. It’s the editor’s job to keep the attention of the crowd focused and that takes a lot of skill and compositing prowess. mPrism plugin was created to give you extra leverage to boost the look and the engaging factor of your shots. With this spectacular collection of prismatic effects, every video can gain a completely new character. Music clips, travel videos, family memories or even cinematic openers – every topic you edit upgraded with a soft touch of prismatic magic can become a visual masterpiece. This amazing plugin is an easy way to completely transform your shots and make your edits uniquely beautiful.

mTransition Kinetic FCPX Plugin – 50 Dynamic Transitions Exclusively for Final Cut Pro X

Modern edits require a huge dose of dynamism, movement and kinetic energy to keep the viewers engaged and interested. Not only the footage, but the whole construction and rhythm work to captivate the attention of your audience. With mTransition Kinetic you will be able to improve the flow of your edit by introducing impressive transitions embellished with swift typography. These presets will heavily increase the pace in your timeline and diversify the animation to keep your public fascinated and entertained. It’s like an instant energy boost for your edits!

mVCR FCPX Plugin – Retro Analog Visual Effects Exclusively for Final Cut Pro X

We all like to recall some of the finest moments from the past, and immediately the whole aesthetics that went with the times come back to life. The look, quality and unique mood of the videos from the VCR era are bringing back memories and creating a pleasantly nostalgic atmosphere. Now you don’t have to deal with analogue devices, tapes, and kinescopes to recreate that distorted, but charming camcorder recording stylistics. mVCR is a plugin that gives you a whole collection of the retro film looks that will take you decades back in time and give your shots an authentic vintage vibe. Make your storytelling and filmmaking an even more powerful medium to drive emotions and evoke memories of your audience!

mMovie Lights FCPX Plugin – Cinematic Lighting Effects Plugin Exclusively for Final Cut Pro X

Every filmmaker knows the powerful influence lighting has on the general overtone of the shot. Light can create different moods, emphasize certain details and highlight emotions. Cinematic lighting is a demanding art and various circumstances can make a shot simply dull or looking flat. MotionVFX created mMovie Lights to give you a brand new way of introducing dazzling illuminations into your edits. With this outstanding collection of diversified filmic lighting presets you can boost the character of any video. Get that cinematic look in just a couple of steps by introducing easily customizable luminosity that stresses the various aspects of your shots. Make every scene a truly distinct and expressive work of cinematography!

mBundle Vlogger – The Ultimate Vlogging Toolkit For Final Cut Pro X

Get the leverage you need to push your channel in the right direction with this collection of carefully selected and diversified tools. Your content can get more professional and engaging with a combination of FCPX plugins that were created to boost your potential!

mHUD 3 FCPX Plugin Powered by Mocha – A Massive Set of Trackable HUD and UI Elements Exclusively for Final Cut Pro X

Futuristic look in cinematic productions is often achieved by using spectacular 3D user interface elements that act as an integral part of the footage. This is achieved by tracking the pre-designed and pre-animated UI’s and placing them in the centre of the action. Now you can turn your FCPX into a professional compositing studio and design mind-blowing visionary scenes with countless HUD details! mHUD 3 is a massive collection of trackable graphic user interface modules that can turn your edits into sensational sci-fi masterpieces with marvellous visual effects. Effortless tracking, user-friendly on-screen controls, and incredible diversity and versatility of those presets will astonish you and turn your workflow into a creative fun-time experience!

mMessage 2 – FCPX Plugin Powered by Mocha – Visualize your descriptions, text messages and social media feeds directly in Final Cut Pro X

Communication is such a big part of our lives that MotionVFX constantly tries to stay up to date with friends, family, and coworkers. Social media and communicators are extremely popular and omnipresent. MotionVFX designed this handy pack of 100 diverse, trackable notifications to let you easily introduce this trend into your edits. Exchange of information and social media feeds were never these easy to incorporate in your projects and the customizability and stylization of these presets is amazing. mMessage 2 will let you narrate the action and boost the visual potential of your edit at the same time.

mLowers Bar FCPX Plugin – Beautifully Designed And Animated Bar Lower Thirds Exclusively For Final Cut Pro X

Useful info about a given topic is essential for clearly conveying the message. The classic method of describing the subject in editing is using a lower third that not only defines the context but also has to inscribe in a certain visual framework of the whole project. mLowers Bar is built to give you a whole package of customizable, subtly designed and modern lower thirds that will amaze you with typography and animation. The slightly technical, but virtually universal layout of these presets gives you uninhibited possibilities to communicate with the viewers and grab their attention.

mO2 Scenes Pack – FCPX and Apple Motion Plugin Addition

A good logotype or well-designed opening typography is a solid base for a catchy opener, but what about the setting of those graphics? Creating a beautiful environment for your elements is a challenging and time-consuming job, especially when you’re working in 3D space. mO2 Scenes is an astonishing pack of ready-made, pre-animated and diversified scenes prepared for anything you want to showcase with a spectacular style and without going into the complexity of 3D modelling and animation. MotionVFX took care of everything, including camera animation, lighting, reflections, depth of field and many more. Just place your logo, text, model, footage or product on the stage and enjoy the show.

mO2 Devices Model Pack – Free 3D Models for mO2 FCPX and Apple Motion Plugin

A set of 5 models of hi-end devices to bring the latest technology into your edit. With the level of precision, these models were built with, you can stun your viewers with every detail of your project.

mLUT Movie – Beautiful Professional LUT Pack Inspired By The Most Influential Movies

The magic created by a movie comes from the story it tells and the visual side that speaks to our aesthetic senses. One of the most important parts of that composition is the colourization that sets the mood and gives character to the scenes. mLUT Movie is a set of hand-picked looks that were inspired by the most influential movies of all time. These gradings will change any shot into an intense and expressive movie-like piece of cinematography. You can transform your entire edit into a professional filmic production by just grading your videos with these sensational LUTs.

mBadges Holiday FCPX Plugin – 30 Holiday-themed Badges Exclusively For Final Cut Pro X

The stylistics of holidays is unmistakable and a vital part of the atmosphere of every celebration. A subtle decoration can make any visual project better, so MotionVFX created a collection of superbly stylized badges to boost your holiday edits. These ready-made, pre-animated emblems can work as openers, titles, lower thirds, ornaments and anything your imagination comes up with. They are very flexible, easily customizable, combinable and diversified, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Happy holidays!

mTransition Ink 2 FCPX Plugin – Organic Ink Transitions for Final Cut Pro X

The organic flow of ink is a hypnotizing and inspiring motion that always creates a captivating visual effect in motion design. This unique set of transitions uses that fascinating phenomenon to boost the dynamism of your edits. With these uninhibited ink swirls, every footage shift becomes a mesmerizing experience that keeps the viewers’ attention, making them want more.

mTitle Cinematic FCPX Plugin – Beautifully Designed Cinematic Captions Plugin Exclusively For For Final Cut Pro X

The cinematic look has its specific requirements that need to be met to give the edit a true movie vibe. One of them is refined and well-designed typography that describes the content and communicates with the viewer. mTitle Cinematic obeys the classic rules of composition to match the iconic look of the movie credits, complete your edit with astonishing titles and turn it into a genuine masterpiece. These animated captions will adorn any project with modern motion design and instantly give it the wow factor to captivate your viewer to the last frame of footage.

mQuotes FCPX Plugin – Beautifully Designed Quotations Plugin Exclusively For Final Cut Pro X

Throughout the ages, wise words were able to captivate the attention of the audience and live through history to this day. Brilliant thoughts are worth preserving and using to illustrate different ideas. MotionVFX created mQuotes to give you this opportunity along with an excellent visual side. Now you can use various ingenious sentences to validate your concepts and present them with beautiful typography and subtle animation. Your edits can gain a lot if enriched with famous quotations crafted by us to dazzle the receiver.

mFreezeFrame Action FCPX Plugin – 30 Action Freeze Frame Effects + Multiple Add-ons for Final Cut Pro X

MotionVFX gets inspired by cinema all the time, and this time MotionVFX used it to build a spectacular set of action freeze-frame effects. The footage stylizations created by these unique presets will fill your project with classic action movie still frames and the highlighted content will stand out to amaze your viewers. Full integration with FCPX and multiple handy tools will help you easily load your timeline with sensational effects in just a couple of minutes. To spice up the look yet more, use ready-made typography and overlay effects and complete your compositions with stunning detail.

mTitle Simple Pack vol. 4 FCPX Plugin – Beautifully Designed Titles Plugin Built Exclusively For Final Cut Pro X

We all love how well-designed typography enriches the visual side of MotionVFX projects and communicates the message right at the same time. These titles were crafted to adorn every topic with minimalistic type and provide coherent titles for any edit. Their minimalistic form and elegant style make them as universal as it gets and their eye-catching animation completes the whole layout. Get them and experience the quality of mTitle Simple series in your work!

mLUT Film 2 – Beautiful Professional LUT Pack Inspired By Feature Films

Cinematography astonishes with the beauty of separate shots and their composition in a bigger scope. A great part of that magic lays within colour grading that makes up the atmosphere and the emotional undertone of the videos. MotionVFX examined a huge number of feature films to hand-pick the most distinctive looks that made their place in the hall of fame of cinema and put that knowledge into creating mLUT Film 2. This expert collection of LUTs gives you instant access to professional film-like gradings that will strike your viewers with their cinematic vibe. There’s a whole universe of filmic colour gradings waiting to boost your edits within a click.

mCallouts Specs FCPX Plugin Powered by Mocha – 50 Descriptive Callouts For Final Cut Pro X – MotionVFX

Vloggers and content creators have to deal with the covered topics in great detail. It is important to have a clear-cut visual aspect for the features MotionVFX wants to describe and that’s where a neat callout is irreplaceable. mCallouts Spec is a plugin designed especially for editors who want to draw attention to the specific traits of the described subject and do it with a stunning style. Diversity, customizability, ease of use and precise tracking are features that make this plugin a must-have for every creator that values quality and a clear message.

mTuber 2 – FCPX Plugin To Enhance Your YouTube Production

Every influencer knows the value of the image you put out to the world and how important it is to keep your content beautiful and interesting. With mTuber 2 your entries will get that special spark that captivates the viewers and the management of your videos will become easier and more efficient than ever. These diversified, pre-animated and carefully selected tools give you a range of possibilities to boost your channel’s visual side and push it in the right direction. Now editing and post-production of your clips can be fast, easy and fun. You’ll see the difference and so will your audience!

mTravel 2 FCPX Plugin – travel-themed plugin exclusively for Final Cut Pro X. Enrich your travel edits, vlogs and openers with beautiful modules and take your viewers on a journey!

Travelling is an extremely popular topic in nearly all media – from personal vlogs to big broadcast shows. Editors are in constant need of high-quality and useful add-ons to illustrate routes, places and plans to give the viewer a clear image. With mTravel 2 your editing toolbox will have all it takes to create a perfect travel-themed project. These diversified, pre-animated modules will make your journey look epic and highlight all the best spots you visited. Depict the route and reach your target with incredible style!

mFeatures FCPX Plugin – Features Lists Plugin For Final Cut Pro X – MotionVFX

Reviews and rankings of various products are gaining popularity and the essence of assessing the item is listing its pros and cons. Visual representation of advantages and disadvantages is by far the most efficient way of reaching the viewer. Now you can create complex bullet lists right inside FCPX! mFeatures offers you a powerful set of diversified compositions that will help you create features lists, reviews, rankings and much more. Illustrate your opinions with beautifully designed checklists and increase your credibility as well as the visual aspect of your edit!

mStories FCPX Plugin – Instagram and Facebook Stories for Final Cut Pro X – MotionVFX

Social media have become a huge part of our lives and businesses and our image is very much dependent on how we present ourselves online. The introduction of the ”stories” feature has inspired us to create some amazing motion design that will make any moment better and more unique. mStories is a huge base of stylizations that will make your content stand out from the crowd of similar accounts. Just use the vast range of looks to diversify your feed and draw more attention to your social media stories in no time. This collection is an ultimate tool to give your content a look that will leave no one indifferent!

mTransition Light 2 plugin for Final Cut Pro X – 50 Luminous Transitions Exclusively for FCPX

The importance of light in filmmaking cannot be overestimated. Every shot gets its character and mood from the lighting of the environment and other illuminations. But what about editing? Now you can introduce some natural lighting in-between the videos! This pack of luminous transitions will help you add some glam to your every project by shifting between the shots with spectacular light leaks. Brighten your work with some organic luminescence and make your videos glow!

mO2 Summer Model Pack – Free 3D Models for mO2 FCPX and Apple Motion Plugin

A set of 11 summer-themed models that will give your edit a holiday mood.

mTransition Brush FCPX Plugin – 30 Brush Transitions For Final Cut Pro X

The behaviour of wet paint applied to a flat surface creates a bunch of interesting effects that MotionVFX used to design a set of organic transitions. This collection gives you a huge variety of natural paint strokes combined to reveal your footage with refined and smooth motion. Anytime you need to add some authentic movement to your edit, mTransition Brush will give you a footage-based, realistic set of shifts that uncover your shots with a touch of an artistic brush.

mCountdown – Automatic Countdown Plugin For FCPX

Every time something big is about to happen, a nice countdown to the event is an excellent touch to build up the suspense. Designing and animating digits is a challenging and time-consuming task, especially in modern editing or motion design. MotionVFX created mCountdown with busy clients in mind, making a fully automatic and exquisitely stylized set of 30 ready-made presets that will fill your audience with anticipation. Pick your look, drag & drop the preset, customize it and watch the plugin do the magic of putting everyone’s attention into your edit.

mLUT Film Wedding – 25 Professional LUT Pack For Wedding Videos

Wedding videos are a special kind in editing because they involve a huge emotional load that needs to be conveyed. MotionVFX created this expert collection of wedding LUTs to give you tools of colourization that bring out the best of the moments. With these gradings, every footage you shoot or edit for the newlyweds will turn into a fantastic love story told on screen.

mO2 Easter Model Pack – Free 3D Models for mO2 FCPX and Apple Motion Plugin

A set of 9 holiday-themed models to evoke the spirit of Easter in your project

mO2 Logo Pack – FCPX and Apple Motion Plugin Addition

Presentation of your logotype is a crucial element of your image, and every entrepreneur knows that an eye-catching logo spot goes a long way. This sensational pack of ready-made logo openers created for the mO2 plugin will help you immediately improve your visual identity. Realistic 3D design, startling lighting and flawless animation are a complete package to create an image that will draw more clients and distinguish you on the market. Just drop your logotype in one of the customizable presets and discover its whole potential.

mTransition Film Burn FCPX Plugin – 30 Film Burn Transitions For Final Cut Pro X

Sometimes to create you have to destroy. MotionVFX went with this motto and produced an incredible set of transitions stylized as burning film tape. These 4K-ready clips were applied to the footage to produce a variety of distortion effects that make shifting from one shot to another arousing experience. If you need to boost the dynamism of the edit and introduce some captivating grunge effects, this transition pack is a ready-made set of tools to do that.

mCallouts Hi-Tech FCPX Plugin Powered by Mocha – 30 Modern Callouts For Final Cut Pro X – MotionVFX

A properly designed caption can make any footage better, especially when you’re dealing with technology and electronics. Listing traits, defining details or simply naming items is a vital part of modern video blogs, tutorials and other visual content. These 30 hi-tech callouts will give your edits a graphical advantage and typographical leverage to make them more comprehensive to your audience and beautifully stylized at the same time. The built-in Mocha-powered tracking engine will do the rest for you.

mTransition Scrub FCPX Plugin – Retiming Transitions For Final Cut Pro X

The dynamism of your edits depends on the individual shots, but the cuts and transitions are a powerful tool to boost it and turn up the pace. MotionVFX took it even further and created an ultimate tool to make every single footage shift uniquely vigorous. mTransition Scrub is a sensational set of retiming transition effects that simulate scrubbing and alter the speed of your footage to make it even more captivating. Make your video production intensely engaging with this instant drag &drop energy!

mTitle Kinetic FCPX Plugin – Kinetic Title Animations Inspired by Apple’s Keynote

Text animation is a perfect way to visualize your ideas in an eye-catching manner. This energetic collection of assorted titles makes a powerful tool to create dynamic typography sets that can be used for multiple purposes. Drag, drop and combine them to achieve countless compositions and apply the extraordinary energy of animated text to your edits.

mFreezeFrame Comic FCPX Plugin – 30 Comic Freeze Frame Effects + 24 Add-ons for Final Cut Pro X

Introducing a character or emphasizing a specific part of your footage can be done in different ways, but MotionVFX likes to do it spectacularly. That’s why MotionVFX designed mFreezeFrame Comic – an astounding set of freeze-frame effects with comic stylizations. These diversified stills have a custom mask to separate and highlight a chosen part of your shot and bring it to the forefront, as well as a couple of on-screen controls to facilitate your workflow. It’s as easy as it gets and gives you a complete comic look in no time. With this plugin, creating a captivating intro, movie credits, or simply a cool interlude takes just a couple of minutes of fun.

mO2 Christmas Model Pack – Free 3D Models for mO2 FCPX and Apple Motion Plugin

A set of 8 holiday-themed models to create charming Christmas design right inside your edit.

mTransition Text FCPX Plugin – Textual Transitions For Final Cut Pro X

Edited footage often needs some additional elements to boost the pace of the edit and keep things interesting. MotionVFX used typography as the central element in this awesome pack of transitions to join text and video into one captivating flow. Now your project will gain a consistent style and an energetic addition that can be used to convey messages. Create any type of spot with just footage transitions and stylize your shots with animated captions at the same time!

mVertigo – Free FCPX Plugin

Every editor knows the classic vertigo effect used in various box-office hits throughout the decades. It’s an in-camera effect that is not easy to achieve. But now you can create it in seconds directly inside FCPX! mVertigo is a powerful tool you can use to animate videos or photos and give them a fascinating movement with a simple drag and drop and on-screen controls workflow. And it’s free!

mO2 Halloween Model Pack – Free 3D Models for mO2 FCPX and Motion Plugin

A set of Halloween-themed models that will help you create any composition in the atmospheric stylistics of the holiday.

mRevealer Glitch FCPX Plugin – 30 Glitch Revealers Exclusively For Final Cut Pro X

Modern motion graphic design just loves all kinds of glitch and distortion effects that energize the animation and catch the eye of the viewer. Warping your logo, text or footage in a trendy way imprints it in your audience’s memory. Now, all you have to do is just drop it into one of these ready-made presets. You can even do it with all of those things at once! MotionVFX improved the workflow to give you more possibilities and make your work so much easier. mRevealer Glitch is a complete solution for glitch animation and stylization for any of your edits.

mTitle Halloween FCPX Plugin – Beautiful Halloween Final Cut Pro X Titles – MotionVFX

This Halloween season is gonna be a feast of typography and spooky design. With a brilliant set of title openers full of uniquely crafted text and animated scary characters, no editing job will be too difficult or demanding. MotionVFX plugin offers you an easy and unique way to stylize your project with captions that just overflow with Halloween spirit and its stylistics.

mTransition Smoke Final Cut Pro X Plugin – Organic Smoke Transitions For FCPX

Smoke is a wonderfully dynamic element to shoot because its unpredictable behaviour creates intricate patterns of animation. MotionVFX used that phenomenon to create a collection of organic transitions powered by different ways smoke reacts to the environment. These highly diversified transitions make your shots pass each other in a truly natural motion, making your edit fascinating and impressive.

mO2 Studio Bundle – mO2 Plugin + Advanced Shaders Pack + All Model Packs

This bundle is a complete solution for creating professional 3D motion graphics. Every tool and asset you need is at your fingertips, so you can concentrate on the creative process and not worry about the means of reaching your goal.

mO2 Artist Bundle – mO2 Plugin + Advanced Shaders Pack

This set gives you everything you need to boost your creative process. With mO2 and a massive collection of PBR materials, you can bring any idea from your imagination to life.

mO2 Models Bundle – All Model Packs for mO2 Plugin

An extensive library of diversified, ready-mage and optimized models to give you everything you need to create your digital universe. Distinct categories and various shapes will help you build any scene your imagination produces.

mO2 Sci-fi Model Pack – Pack of 61 3D Models for mO2 Plugin

Fantastic, modular elements for creating futuristic rooms, corridors, machinery and devices that are light years ahead in design.

mO2 Money Model Pack – Pack of 22 3D Models for mO2 Plugin

A professional assortment of money-related models that will help you place your project out there on the market. Casinos, currencies, lotteries, banks, economy, stock market – all these topics are within your reach.

mO2 Industrial Model Pack – Pack of 48 3D Models for mO2 Plugin

Highly modular pipe, truss, chain, cogwheel elements meant for rapid assembly of complex constructions and much, much more.

mO2 Electronics Model Pack – Pack of 29 3D Models for mO2 Plugin

A set of beautifully crafted 3D models meant for presenting apps and websites on electronic devices, promoting stores, music, studio photography and all sorts of another tech.

mO2 Commercial Model Pack – Pack of 25 3D Models for mO2 Plugin

Incredibly universal set of high-quality models that will boost your customers’ sales in no time. A must-have for every TV production studio.

mO2 Advanced Shaders Material Pack – Pack of 200 Physically-based Materials for mO2 Plugin

A huge library of realistic materials to bring your 3D models to an even higher level of photorealism.

mTransition Ink – Ink Drop Transitions FCPX Plugin

Natural phenomena shot for practical elements always introduce realistic movement to motion graphic design and editing. MotionVFX designed this pack of transitions to give you a whole range of organic ink flows that were put to use to shift between your shots. They are beautiful, inspiring and make your edit uniquely stylish. Use them whenever you need a sensational boost to your videos.

mKodaframe FCPX Plugin – Beautiful Still Frame & Retro Effects for FCPX

Various retro effects are loved by editors and their viewers because they create a unique atmosphere and make all kinds of footage look more appealing. mKodaframe is a phenomenal plugin that gives you a powerful set of tools to turn your shots into retro slides. Use the presets or custom slide to conveniently create still frames and stylize them to give your project a startling vintage look. Designing an authentic old school slideshow has never been easier.

mLUT Film Lab – Beautiful 3D LUT files for Video Editors, YouTubers and Filmmakers

MotionVFX content has always been refined and well-prepared for various usages to reach every client – from professionals to part-time hobbyists. With this amazing pack, you can really take colourizing your footage to a truly professional level. Every editor will appreciate the remarkable versatility of these gradings that were inspired by professional photography and filmmaking. With mLUT Film Lab, your shots will gain that cinematic character that makes the finest productions memorable and inspiring.

mIntro Glitch FCPX Plugin – 30 +1 Energetic Glitch Openers Exclusively For FCPX

Get some dynamic action in-between your shots with a modern twist of digital distortions. Glitches are very diversified and make typography and logos look more engaging. These astonishing pack of thirty-one openers is filled with overwhelming static noise, pixellate effects and distortions that liven up your content and catch the eye of the viewer. If you need a catchy logo or title animation, these openers will do the job perfectly.

Off The Tracks Movie Original FCPX Titles Plugin – Original Typography Featured In The Motion Picture

Now you can stylize your text with the original titles used in the ”OFF THE TRACKS” movie. Get the original typography featured in the motion picture for FREE and give your titles the iconic FCPX look. Enjoy and support the FCPX community!

mInfographics 2 – FCPX Plugin – Beautifully Designed Infographic Modules for FCPX

Visual representation of data is a perfect way of conveying complex messages. Graphic forms speak to the viewer more easily and become accessible and rememberable. mInfographics 2 is a powerful set of ready-made, beautifully designed modern infographic modules that are diversified, combinable and easily customizable. Now you can create even the most complicated informative screens within just moments. Every concept can be properly and precisely illustrated with animated diagrams, plots and charts right inside FCPX. Improving your edits with stylish infographics has never been easier!

mLogo POP FCPX Plugin – 30 Expressive Logo Revealers Exclusively for FCPX

This sensational collection of vigorous revealers gives your logotype many unique settings, in which energetic animation livens up the entire composition. Colourful, inspiring and extraordinarily dynamic design of mLogo POP will breathe new life into your company’s image. Make your logo shine in motion!

mLUT Film – 25 Beautiful Filmlike LUTs

Videos often reveal their real character after grading, and there is no better way to colourize a shot than with a LUT file. MotionVFX gives you this expert LUT grading pack to allow you to recreate the industry’s most iconic looks. mLUT Film will give you a range of cinematic gradings that are present throughout the whole movie industry and made a variety of productions look stunning and memorable. If you want an instant way to change regular footage into a filmlike motion picture just use some of the mLUT Film magic.

mTag FCPX Plugin – Sale Tags for FCPX

Every businessman knows the value of the way, in which the products are presented. Many aspects of any trade rely heavily on the visual part that speaks directly to the buyer. MotionVFX created this plugin to give you a powerful toolbox filled with an outstanding design crafted especially to advertise your products. Sales, special offers, new merchandise, price cuts – all these concepts can now be properly illustrated with astounding animated elements. Now any commercial edit can gain an outstanding graphic image that will catch the eye of the clients and draw their attention to the conveyed message.

mTransition Flash FCPX Plugin – 60 Flare Flash Transitions Exclusively For FCPX

Every time you need a quick and energetic shift from one shot to another these incredibly luminous transitions will come in handy. It’s a collection of diversified lens flare flashes that sweep your screen with dazzling speed. If you want your edits to become dynamic, filled with captivating light effects and extremely powerful just drop some of their magic in-between your videos. Instant boost in awesomeness guaranteed!

mTitle POP – Rhythmic Title Opener FCPX Plugin

Energetic and swift typography animation is what grabs attention and imprints the message in our memory. At the same time, vividly colourful and vibrant captions need to be very carefully crafted to maintain the main purpose of text – conveying information. MotionVFX created mTitle POP to give you both, captivating dynamism of animation and a handy tool to display titles. This set of rhythmic openers just bursts with action that will enliven your whole edit with movement and colour.

mFrame 3 FCPX Plugin – Beautiful Split-Screen Effects

mFrame vol.3 brings you a variety of vintage split-screen effects along with a modern approach to presenting footage. This amazing plugin is a brilliant way to manage several videos and stylize them all at once. Multiple handy on-screen controls, numerous customization parameters, diversified number of Drop Zones and miscellaneous effects make this awesome plugin a powerful tool in the hands of any FCPX user. They are convenient to use, easily combinable and matching all types of footage. All you need to make an outstanding edit in no time!

mTransition Liquid – FCPX Plugin

The simple clarity of flat style and the organic animation of liquids merge in this amazing plugin to bring you a set of unique transitions. Vividly colourized comic fluids that flow through the screen to make energetic changeovers between your shots will fill your edit with dynamism. These fluid shapes are diversified, customizable and full of eye-catching action. If you need some modern design in your project, these transitions are the perfect choice to boost both, style and animation.

mTitle 360 – FCPX Plugin

Technological development is pushing the limits of computers and imagination further, and so does MotionVFX with its plugins! This incredible collection of 30 titles is a trailblazing take on typography design in virtual reality. MotionVFX used its love of minimalistic style and immersed it in a 360 video environment to create a groundbreaking set of openers. Now you can really experience the quality of MotionVFX product from every angle.

mVideowall FCPX Plugin

Every video presentation needs to stay within certain frames to look tidy and reach the target viewer. MotionVFX created mVideoWall to give you a great tool for managing your footage and creating stylish graphic design at the same time. These 50 universal video walls let you show multiple shots at once with amazing camera movements and orderly compositions. A whole set of customization parameters and additional typography lets you create countless designs that overwhelm with spaciousness and form.

mTitle MAX – FCPX Plugin

Some statements need to be stronger than others and require a body of text that will truly stand out from the background. A clear, conspicuous message will reach more viewers and stay in memory for a longer period of time. MotionVFX created this plugin to give you an easy way of creating a header, opener, title or an intro that will definitely hit the target audience. mTitle MAX is a collection of 30 beautifully crafted typography sets that will introduce your project with exceptional energy. The flawless design of typography and monumental style of those titles guarantee that your ideas will be noticed and draw the attention of the viewers.

mIntro FCPX Plugin – 30 Beautiful Intro Openers Built Exclusively for Final Cut Pro X

Every content creator knows the importance of a good introduction to their work. Whether a commercial production or just a hobby blog entry, a good intro is a key to staying in the viewers’ memory. mIntro is a plugin that will help you enhance any subject with a stylish opening animation. These 30 intros with a variety of styles, effects and moves will help you reach any audience and suit any edit. Drag, drop and get an impressive, professional look of your videos within seconds.

mIdent Enterprise FCPX Plugin

Every content creator knows the importance of a good introduction to their work. Whether a commercial production or just a hobby blog entry, a good intro is a key to staying in the viewers’ memory. mIntro is a plugin that will help you enhance any subject with a stylish opening animation. These 30 intros with a variety of styles, effects and moves will help you reach any audience and suit any edit. Drag, drop and get an impressive, professional look of your videos within seconds.

mTitle Glitch FCPX Plugin

Slight distortion in channels and form can produce some really eye-catching effects. MotionVFX decided to use this phenomenon and mix it with the elegance of simplistic typography. The outcome is this incredibly dynamic set of 30 glitchy titles that can enrich any project. This beautifully stylized captions and frantic digital interruptions make an impression that can’t be missed. Along with the clarity of the text itself, you can make any edit stand out from the crowd.

mTransition Luma – FREE FCPX PLUGIN

Luma dissolve transition grew to be one of the most popular editing tool used in recent time. MotionVFX decided to treat its customers with a free effect dedicated exclusively to Final Cut Pro X! This handy transition gives you a set of adjustment sliders, 4 different effects and light and dark working modes. Now you can create luma channel erosions with just drag & drop action. Enjoy!

mBlueprint FCPX Plugin – Amazing Digital Blueprint Assets for Final Cut Pro X

Now and then MotionVFX needs to work out a strictly technical edit, with lots of topical elements and details. Instead of figuring out all the ins and outs yourself, you can now use an easy and powerful tool. mBlueprint plugin brings you an astonishing number of over 160 pre-animated technical elements you can mix into complex and stunning compositions. 12 diverse categories with different functionalities give you the creative freedom to put together any technical design you wish. These easily customizable and automatically animated modules allow you to create professional spots that will satisfy any client.