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Retail Answer – Free Point of Sale software | Monika Business Services

Retail Answer is free, simple and easy to use small retail business point of sale (POS) software system. RetailAnswer POS software is the GST and VAT ready point of sale solution for all retail shops and restaurant businesses, POS software provides one stop solution for retail billing, inventory tracking, accounting, invoice, back office reporting, multi PC networking and more. We have many happy customers around the world supporting over 40 different businesses on desktop and tablet devices. Get free pos software download with unlimited trial from retailanswer.

Retail Answer POS lite – 2.0

Retail Answer POS lite has been developed by people who have been in retail business for over 10 years. We have worked across multiple businesses in different categories from retail food stores to restaurants and cafes. We have developed this software after using different point of sale (POS) systems from various software development companies. We found that most of them were either cumbersome with features that were not required by a small business yet were very expensive to purchase, some also had ongoing fees. Moreover the POS systems were not particularly user friendly or easy to use. In some cases lots of staff training time was required in using the POS. Our software Retail Answer POS lite is one of the easiest to use and understand POS software in the market.

Retail Answer POS lite – 2.0 | Monika Business Services

Retail Answer POS Lite is a simple yet powerful software for any small business who is after an easy to understand and use software. We have taken out all the complicated and unused functionality from the point of sale software to delivery a clean and simple business software for your daily business transactions. Our customers say this is the easiest POS software they have come across and highly recommend it. Unlike other companies, we are very comfortable in giving unlimited trial of our software so that you are sure that this is the right software for your business, before you buy it. For small businesses with limited products and low transactions we also offer a free version of our software. Not only is our software user interface easy to understand and use but also very user-friendly. Any user can get started very quickly with a quick training. We have made adding products/items buttons as easy as ABC. We also provide full reports to make business decisions and increase productivity and hence profitability. This software runs on windows platform from Windows XP all the way to Windows 10. This software is well designed and rigourously tested. Moreover our product is backed by email support, just in case you need it. The software also supports basic and easy to use inventory system. This Software supports multiple printers, cash drawer and customer price display. User can also save the orders or allocate it to tables with a simple table management system. Adding a product to the POS is the easiest in the POS market.