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Fastlink2 power is the flexibility. If you are looking for an experienced web design and development team that helps businesses extend their brand and attract, satisfy, and retain customers, you are in the right place. [fastlink2, custom software, custome design, id security suite, submit suite, indexbar, pda safe, photosharks, website submitter, article submitter, starturl]

Website Submitter

Majority of website traffic comes from search engines like Google and MSN. Some researches show that as much as 75% of the traffic comes from them and it is increasing at a very raid pace. So, if your site is not ranked as a top site in the search engines it is obvious that you are going to loose all that traffic. Website Submitter easily submits your website to all the search engines and over hundred thousand directories in just one click. It helps you in boosting the backward links from search engines also. There is no need to search for places to advertise again. Our software acts as the best advertising agent for you.

Website Popularity

Website Popularity is a powerful and easy to use utility that instantly generates reports showing the number of indexed pages your site has on major search engines including Google, Yahoo, MSN, and more. You also get instant access to your Page Rank on Alexa, Yahoo and Google plus your ranking on all of the important directories like DMOZ and Google Groups plus your popularity on, and Reddit. Website Popularity is the only product of its kind that covers all of these important places so you can see instantly how well your site is being publicized and what you have to do to increase your visibility all in an easy-to-use tabbed interface.

Submit Suite bundled (5 products)

No other company has brought 5 tools covering such important aspects of SEO. Directory submissions and article submission are methods largely accepted as bringing traffic and IBL to your website. Now the process of manually submissions is over, Website Submitter and Article Submitter is making your life much easier.

Press Release Submitter

Launching a new website is an exciting thing for any business owner, but building enough exposure to become “visible” on the Web can be difficult. Press release campaigns can put companies of all sizes on a level playing field. You can use the Press Release Submitter as often as you want, whenever you want to reach countless media outlets with your news for press exposure. Fastlink2 has prepared a large media database of 16,000 contacts, including media contacts and press contact information used daily by professional press release services for their customers’ press release distribution campaigns.

Pachetul Submit Suite (6 aplicatii incluse)

Included in the bundle 1 x Anunturi – Anunuturi is a semi-automatic tool for posting classify ads in Romanian sites. The application Anunturi has an interface in Romanian and is working with a list of 500 Romanian classify ads. 1 x Website Submitter – Website Submitter allows directory submission to 4500 directories. 1 x Article Submitter – Article Submitter allows article submission to 600 article directories. 1 x Article Spinner – 1 x Website Popularity – Here’s the fastest, easiest and most complete way to professionally measure and track your web site’s popularity on all of the major search engines and directory sites so you can do what it takes to raise your site’s visibility. 1 x Feed Submitter – Prin pachetul de aplicatii Submit Suite va oferim posibilitatea sa va pozitionati site-ul mai bine in motoarele de cautare. Aplicatia Anunturi permite inscrierea semi-automatizata a unui numar nelimitat de anunturi in o lista completa de siteuri de articole romanesti. Feed Submitter inscrie semi-automatizat blogul sau feed-ul siteului tau in 200 de directoare de bloguri si siteuri RSS. Article Submitter publica articolele tale in peste 600 de directoare de articole, repede si usor. Ocupa-te de continut si lasa softul sa-si faca treaba.

ID Unlocker

ID Unlocker is a high quality performance application, transcending absolutely all error-messaging programs, unblocking access to all files. Unlocks files that have an error executing. It allows you to see the content of a folder that shows an error executing message, such as:” The file is in use by another program or user”, or “The source or destination file may be in use”. ID Unlocker has simply-to-use context menu, with a command line, letting you choose the action to take. It also provides a “process and handlers list”, letting you see the name and the path of the process, and letting you close a handle if you desire.

ID Uneraser

ID Uneraser is a restoring top-quality program, permitting you to reverse the erasing process of files and data, securely reinitiating deleted items. Un-erases files, folders or any personal data that was previously erased by you or any other computer user. It also restores accidentally erased files, finding untraceable items by a full computer search. Scans your computer in quest for lost files. It browses all items on your disk, monitoring each partition in part, letting your know about the lost items it encounters, and about available options. Restores erased, or deleted items. ID Uneraser enables you to recover all of your deleted files, in case you or anybody else accidentally erased them, and now you need to restore them to their original content.

ID USB Lock Key

ID USB Lock Key is a high performance PC blocking program, password securing your computer against outside unauthorized access, by the use of an USB stick. Activates the block screen by just three steps. All you have to do, in order to have your PC protected, is to introduce your USB stick, generate a security private key, and unplug the USB. Your computer then blocks any unauthorized access. Locks your computer by itself when your status becomes IDLE. You can as well choose to activate the blocking-mode by simply pressing CTR+L. It also locks your computer by the use of a UBS stick (Flash Drive), by pressing CTR+ALT+DEL. ID USB Lock Key protects thoroughly, by not allowing access not even after a reboot of your computer. It makes sure that your PC doesn’t reboot to its original unblocked status.

ID Toolbar Remover

ID Toolbar Remover is a prime-rated removing program of all undesired items in the Toolbar menu, getting rid of unwanted BHOs and any unsolicited preferences. Removes unwanted Internet Browser items. ID Toolbar Remover has a deleting wizard to help you get rid of BHO, Tool Band, Toolbars, Menu Extensions, and Download Managers, keeping them away from your browser. Erases Protocol Handlers, horizontal / vertical Explorer bars (side-search bars) and Startup applications originating from RUN registry keys. Restores any option you might have disabled. It gives you the possibility of restoring parts of the toolbar whenever you decide you want them back, and lets you add new items at your request. Protects your computer against spyware that might come as items trying to install in the Internet Explorer Toolbar. ID Toolbar Remover acts as a guardian against possible spyware threats.

ID System Optimizer

ID System Optimizer is a high-rated beneficiary of your system’s welfare, customizing personal options, and ensuring best quality for functioning status. Controls functions extremely easy, with some simple button clicks. ID System Optimizer works in your advantage for optimizing Windows options, Office ones, as well as Server, Security, and Network settings. Offers, at request, additional optimizing features, such as XP AntiSpy. This optimizer represents a small, but efficient utility, which lets you disable some built-in updates and authentication “features” in Windows XP.

ID Startup Cleaner

ID Startup Cleaner is top quality cleaning program designed to protect your PC and allow you total control over every running application. Manages Startup items according to your personal preferences. It displays all startup items from Registry, Startup folders and Win.ini, and it gives you the possibility to check each program and application in part. Allows you to add, edit, disable or delete programs. You can decide which programs should automatically start when Windows begin, by viewing and selecting them in a list provided by the ID Startup Cleaner. Erases automatically Startup items that are definitely not required or harmful. It detects applications that may harm your computer and stops them from running.

ID Secure Browser

ID Secure Browser allows you secure access based on a password. This software provides you instant protection of unwanted eyes. ID Secure Browser provides users with a panic button that clears automatically the history of typed url-s, cookies, favorites, cache and history. All your saved files, including music, pictures or videos are encrypted in the specific location, inaccessible to other persons without access to the application. The Quick Save feature allows the users to save files without indication the download path every time they download a file.

ID Registry Cleaner

ID Registry Cleaner is a great efficient cleaner and organizer of your Registry files, scanning, monitoring and detecting suspicious-functioning applications, and improving system running. Scans your computer for incorrect shortcuts, or shortcuts to programs you have already uninstalled. It detects shortcuts that lead to wrong files and those that don’t have an application to back them up. Scans Registry to identify causes that lead to Windows brake-downs. It detects all programs that don’t run at optimal parameters, and that may cause your system to brake-down. Detects programs that have been improperly installed. Misplaced files as well as corrupted folders, downloaded in order to run a program, can cause serious damage to a program’s installation process.

ID Process Manager

ID Process Manger is performance managing program, setting your personal preferences as significant operating rules. ID Process Manager monitors your computer’s system in search for bad processes. Scans all processes, and alerts you whenever a harmful one is attempting to influence your computer’s heath state. Gives you the possibility of dividing processes in two major groups: “Denied” and “Allowed”. Using ID Process Manager, you can decide which processes will not be able to run on your computer ever again. Protects your computer against viruses, spyware and Trojan, which are malicious processes. ID Process Manager shows you exactly what processes are about to run on your computer, letting you deny unsolicited ones.

ID Privacy Shield

ID Privacy Shield is one of the most efficient shielding programs available, guarantying you absolute privacy-protection in all taken actions, by making it impossible to recreate your PC tracks. Eliminates action-evidence from the “Recent History” part of all Windows documents, and erases history of items that have been looked up through Star Menu Search/Run. It makes it impossible for someone else to find out the route of your actions, or to detect files that have been recently viewed. Cleans up the “Temporary Files” directory in Windows, eliminates junk-files, deletes duplicated dll-s, and cleans the free space where deleted files have been. It so increases the performance of your PC and improves the usage of your disk memory, by allowing you to free up space on your computer, and make better use of it.

ID Parental Advisor

ID Parental Advisor is a top quality access-monitoring program, providing action-limitation to third parties, according to your personal preferences. Blocks adult-content websites, prevents them from showing up again in your browser, and prevents unsolicited applications from executing on your computer. ID Parental Advisor offers network-access control over network applications you wish to prevent from running. You can also set blocking preferences to a specific time frame, by using the time tampering protection.

ID Network Watch

ID Network Watch monitors your entire network traffic, keeping you informed at all times about your connections status. ID Network Watch counts your network traffic, giving you accurate reports about the network activity at your request. You will so be in control of your personal network traffic. If you have limited traffic internet-connection, ID Network Watch will alert you whenever you come close to crossing over those limits. Manages your network bandwidth, giving you the opportunity to set it up according to your personal preferences. Limits the bandwidth provided for each Internet user in your network. ID Network Watch lets you select personal desires regarding allowance time and upload-speed each network user is allowed to use.

ID Internet Optimizer

ID Internet Optimizer is a top-efficient optimizer of all your Internet personal-preferences, ensuring needed functioning status for prime quality navigation. Optimizes Internet Explorer preferences and functions. ID Internet Optimizer offers Internet Connection optimizer, Cache optimizer functions, as well as memory optimizer options. Controls Internet preferences, Explorer appearance, and Instant Messaging options. It helps improve system operating, by handling features and using them at their highest potential.

ID Install Watch

ID Install Watch is an absolute monitoring guardian of all of your installations, securing the accurate installation and well functioning of all of your programs. Monitors the whole installation process of another program, and makes sure it runs smoothly with no interferences. ID Install Watch documents all changes happening during the installation process, always being on top of the situation. It can also interfere with the process, making necessary adjustments and configuration changes.

ID Image Protector

ID Image Protector is one of the most efficient protecting programs of your personal data, assuring a top quality encryption of files, with perfect decoding to original content. ID Image Protector encrypts various photos-files, folders and personal data into Images, without changing the original content of the files, and with no visual alteration. Protects files, folders and other personal things you which to keep private. It encodes them is such a way that no other third party is able to break the encoding method and jeopardize your files, this including spyware or hacker’s attack. Reduces image-size up to 70% of its original size, by the use of an integrated compressing system. It also provides conversion of .jpeg Images into .gif ones, and vice-versa.

ID Harddisk SmartChecker

ID Harddisk SmartChecker is the smartest scanning, monitoring and checking mechanism for your PC, providing optimal functioning parameters. Check the status of your computer, by using the advanced S.M.A.R.T technology. ID Harddisk SmartChecker detects any possible problems that may appear in your system’s well functioning. Monitors smartly over your computer, supervising each action, and making sure none of them are threatening in any way, and that each application runs at their highest parameters.

ID Harddisk Cleaner

ID Harddisk Cleaner is an efficient organized cleaner of your disk-space, securing files and data while ensuring extra usage space and improved running-performances for your PC. Scans thoroughly your computer in search for unwanted and unused files, as well as for error-making garbage ones. It searches all across your disk and has efficient instant results. Detects duplicated DLL files, by checking their content, and registration date. ID Harddisk Cleaner searches for true duplicated files, finding same-name files, and zero-length ones.

ID Folder Protector

ID Folder Protector is a high performance locking program, keeping your personal files out of reach from any other third party. Locks an indefinite number of files and folders. It keeps them away from any other users, preserving them safe from alteration of their content, or from deleting them. Hides files extremely well from the tray, taskbar and desktop, from start and context menu, quick launch and even from add/remove programs in the control panel. You can select or unselect this option from inside the program only. Encrypts selected files so that the content is then modified and impossible to read by other users. It can be decrypted if the right password is introduced. But you can set the number of password tries to a limited three times, shutdown following after.

ID Firewall

ID Firewall is a specialized firewall application who’s aim is to ensure safe and controlled network access as well as acting as a checkpoint against attacks from outside and inside your computer. Monitors attempts of all applications trying to run on your computer, and filters them accordingly to defined user access rules. You can choose which programs have authorization to run and decide which ones to block. Prevents execution of unauthorized programs. Every attempt to start a program is intercepted and checked by ID Firewall against a user-defined set of rules, and permission to run is requested for any program not on that list. Also, a warning sign to run a program shows up in case of an unidentified publisher.

ID Executable Password

ID Executable Password is a high-security protecting program, preventing any outside interference, password-keeping the entire executable files. ID Executable Password protects all of your personal programs and applications, by the use of a secure password set by you. It allows you to choose and modify that password in order to keep your privacy. Incorporates password protection directly into the .EXE file, modifying its content and making it impossible to be accessed by anyone else. It supports both 16-bit and 32-bit executables.

ID Disk Protector

ID Disk Protector protects your computer by working directly with the disk and not depending on any operating systems, programs or other equipment. Offers boot protection of your computer. Using ID Disk Protector, you will have to type your private password in order to get the system running, and you will prevent others from accessing your PC. Encrypts passwords and stores them in the protected areas of the disk. No one can have access to them, but you. ID Disk Protector provides the option of having a password hint, in case you forget it. Without your password you can’t disable the protection upon your PC, and there is no other way to recuperate a lost password.

ID Disk Creator

ID Disk Creator allows you to store, on a virtual drive, confidential information that you want to keep private. It provides a virtual space, accessible only by the use of a password. Encrypts drives using the “AES256” algorithm in real-time mode, and offering a 256-bit (32 symbols) password. ID Disk Creator denies access to all other users to the encrypted drive, making it available only to you, in a separate Explorer window. Uses specific tools to create extra drive space without partitioning the real hard drive. ID Disk Creator uses files or even folders to create the additional drive needed to keep your information private.

ID Directory Shield

ID Directory Shield promptly alerts you of any file, folder, registries or services changes, before end-users are affected. Alerts the end-users of any errors, mentioning the error type and the event ID. All the folder changes are logged and all the events details are available for displaying. Backups automatically the files that are modified when users edit documents, programs or configuration files. The backup options can be activated/deactivated in the application options.

ID Devices Lock

ID Devices Lock ensures your data safety, preventing it from being stolen from your personal files or folders. Prevents information loss due to USB devices that can be plugged into your computer. ID Devices Lock denies access to all plug-in devices that can carry and transmit information and data away from your PC. Denies copying access to all USB devices, blocking CDs from being encrypted with information found on your computer, as well as Floppy disks from being written with your personal data. Protects your computer against any outside threats or any hack attacks, working as a Windows Service at Local System level allowing the program to effectively run even on computers with no privileges.

ID Data Wipe

ID Data Wipe is high quality shredder program enabling you to completely erase files from your disk, without the possibility of recovery . ID Data Wipe has a wide range of features to choose from. You can have your files wipe-deleted, you can free-up space while deleting, or even cleaning the Recycle Bin. Offers the “delete-wipe” option, letting you delete and wipe files and folders using a pop-up context menu in an Explorer Window. Provides the possibility of gaining additional space on your disk by permanently removing deleted files. ID Data Wipe allows you to wipe traces of old deleted files, cleaning your disk of junk files.

ID Data Encrypt

ID Data Encrypt is high quality encrypting program enabling you to securely protect your privacy against outside unauthorized access. Encrypts all of the files you wish to keep private. If you need to keep files, folders, and even complete directory trees away from anybody else’s eyes, you can safely encrypt those files, keeping them under a password secure system. Detains a cryptographic library including the most reliable algorithms: Blowfish, Cast128, Gost, RC2, Rijndael, and Twofish. ID Data Encrypt allows you to decide exactly how you want your data to be encrypted, by providing a list with names and speed of each one of those algorithms.

ID Computer Spy

ID Computer Spy is a top quality spying program, initializing a profound scanning mechanism, giving you full exact information on each action done on your PC. Monitors all of your Internet actions. ID Computer Spy informs you regarding each website that has been visited using your PC, and registers web-surfing actions. Registers PC activities, monitoring all actions, and programs’ usage. It stores all information regarding launched applications, and running programs, letting you be in aware of them and in control at all times. ID Computer Spy makes records of Keystrokes. These recordings include every key that was used for an application, program, and even Chat Messenger.

ID Browser Backup

ID Browser Backup helps you make backups of all browsers’ files that you wish to keep in a private location, protected under a password, and kept away form unauthorized access. It offers the possibility to make backups for a large variety of browser extension, for bookmarks, history and contact files, mail options, cache files, etc Offers backup and restore support for the following extensions: Bookmarks Synchronizer, Scrapbook, Tab browser Preferences, View Source With etc Alerts you whenever it attempts to make backups of any browser extension. ID Browser Backup protects your privacy by letting you choose the option of not making any backups, and being aware of the backup process.

ID Backup Manager

ID Backup Manager is a guarantied top-quality managing program, providing excellent quality of backups for all your vital, important system and personal files. ID Backup Manager makes backups for any kind of file, folder or directory, using timestamps and differential versions according to your preferences. Stores backups on multiple supports, such as remote FTP servers, network drivers, CDs or DVDs, ZIP, HDD and floppy disks. Offers three different backup modes: full, differential, and incremental. Depending on the kind of backup files you desire to make, on how many files you consider vital and need to protect, you can choose the one that better suites your needs

ID Application Protector

ID Application Protector is a first-range protecting system, preventing outside access to all of your executable files and folders. Encrypts executable files to keep their content secure and safe from anybody else’s access to your files. It allows you to later restore them, recovering the exact original content it had before encrypting. It supports .exe files, as well as .dll and .ocx. ID Application Protector, at your request, encodes selected files under a protection password key. It so enables you to be the only one allowed to decrypt the applications or programs. Applies patching actions to files, during runtime. While encrypting and compressing, targeted files are patched by ID Application Protector, to ensure the original content and quality is being preserved.

ID AntiSpam

ID AntiSpam offers high quality spam protection and prevention, keeping your inbox free of unwanted and unsolicited mail items. Filters all of your incoming mails in search for spam. ID AntiSpam detects and blocks at the same time all unsolicited advertising letters, deleting them automatically. Operates using multiple algorithms to find spam. Based on black words and addresses, black or incorrect senders’ address, open relays in message, open proxy in message, or transformations in subject, ID AntiSpam blocks spam from entering your inbox. Provides a log list with all of the checked and blocked mails. ID AntiSpam also provides reasons for blocking a suspect spam letter, and permits you to see status of all checked letters.

ID AntiPopup

ID AntiPopup is top quality blocking program of all troublesome popup windows, providing more comfortable, safer, and easier internet navigation. Blocks or unblocks pop-ups that will show-up when surfing over the Internet. ID AntiPopup can disable all pop-ups from interfering with you viewing a certain web-site, and can also enable you to see them. ID AntiPopup stores a list of all pop-ups that have been prevented from showing on your computer’s screen, and automatically deletes them when encountered. You can view and modify this list at all times.

ID AntiPhising

ID AntiPhishing is a top quality anti-scam application, preventing unauthorized popup windows from running and interfering with your computer actions. Alerts you whenever you are about to view a scam site. Based on an updated list of phishing sites and using an advanced detection algorithm, ID AntiPhishing detects insecure sites and prevents your from viewing them. Enables or disables the possibility of popup windows to appear on your screen. By simply changing this option, you can have all pop-ups removed, or you can decide which ones to open. Automatically removes popup windows it has encountered before. It tracks all of the pop-ups it has blocked before, and memorizes them to make of this information next time.

ID AntiKeylogger

ID AntiKeylogger is high quality security program, protecting privacy of your typed letters, as well as of your personal files and data. Protects against spyware programs, prying into your privacy. It blocks any application trying to make keystroke, clipboard, or windows text capturing. Instant and constant protection of your files. ID AntiKeylogger offers protection anti-spy software, which may try to record and steal your personal data or information, passwords, logins, and PIN-s. Monitors and quietly searches for suspicious applications or processes. Using transparent “on-the-fly” protection, ID AntiKeylogger silently guards and detects possible intruders in your computer’s system.

ID AntiDialer

ID AntiDialer is a top security program, preventing unauthorized dialing numbers from your internal modem to overcharging phone numbers. Monitors all the activity of your internal dial-up modem. When using such an Internet connection, you risk having your modem used by a third party, thing which will be intercepted by the ID AntiDialer. Protects your computer against spyware. It removes and deletes dialer spyware, preventing them from using your computer to call overcharging phone-numbers, and so causing you money damage.

Feed Submitter

Having your blog’s RSS feed included in feed and blog directories can help new potential subscribers find you while browsing blogs on their favorite topics. Trust Feed Submitter to handle all aspects of your feed submission to directories, and let it save you money while increasing traffic and subscribers due to the following features: – Submission to 200+ feed and blog directories – Semi-automatic submissions – Auto-fill for submission fields – Unlimited RSS feed submissions at once – Multiple profiles available with separate tracking – Up-to-date list of the top blog and feed directories – Submission options to Podcast and Videocast sites – Choice between automatic and manual feed submissions

Article Submitter

Article Submitter can do all the hard work for you. With a click of a button it can submit your article to more than 640 article directories in the matter of hours. It is as simple as that. With this you can focus more on your core task; writing articles. In the today’s internet world where the number of article directories is growing very rapidly, it is also very hard to keep track of all the newly listed article directories. Article Submitter helps you in this scenario also. It provides you automatic updates of all the newly listed article directories.

Article Spinner

Article Spinner is a semi-automatic tool for content rewriting that allows you to obtain top notch content without worrying about using duplicate content. You can start wasting time and cash by paying writers to produce your content.


Anunturi is a semi-automatic tool for posting classify ads in Romanian sites. The application Anunturi has an interface in Romanian and is working with a list of 500 Romanian classify ads. Aplicatia Anunturi inscrie semi-automat un anunt publicitar in 500 siteuri de anunturi romanesti. Publicarea de anunturi se realizeaza semi-automata, cu posibilitatea de a completa toate campurile unui anunt inclusiv imaginea cu produsul, judetul etc