The Difference (#XY-A1-B-EGG) | X & Y Communications

The Difference (#XY-A1-B-EGG) | X & Y Communications

There has been a shroud of intrigue and mystery surrounding Scot’s program The Difference, but the premise of it is actually very simple: Gather all of the closely-guarded secrets of the world’s best ladies’ men and reveal them in one place. The result empowers you to have amazing new experiences with insanely hot women that few men even dare to dream is possible. Major Themes: advanced strategies for success with women, going from good to great, the “hidden” secrets of world-class experts with women

Telecom Game–Attract And Seduce Using Phone, Text And Voice Mail (#XY115)

Telecom Game–Attract And Seduce Using Phone, Text And Voice Mail (#XY115)

She answers the phone. Now What? Discover how to get women’s numbers, what exactly to do when you call her the first time and how to handle voice mail. Avoid saying the wrong thing, and do what it takes to get her excited to hang out with you. The killer new strategies on text messaging are all there, including how exactly to flirt via text for maximum effect. A full section on phone and mobile account set up is included, along with–of course–a step-by-step guide to amazingly powerful phone seduction.