e-Daily Assistant | Trian Software

e-Daily Assistant | Trian Software

Buried in paperwork? Can’t find information? Simplify Your Life! If you are organizationally challenged, or just don’t have the time to do something about that unsightly, annoying clutter – let e-Daily Assistant help! The program includes: personal profile, events manager, planning calendar, notes manager, goals manager, project manager, credit cards manager, simple account manager, weekly expenses manager, contacts manager, powerful search and much more …

Twin Files | Trian Software

Twin Files | Trian Software

Twin Files identifies files that are empty, trash, or duplicate other files on your disk. Because these files may be unnecessary, Twin Files lists them, and lets you take appropriate action on those files you specify to free up disk space. It will not do anything to any files without your explicit instructions. It is a good idea to run Twin Files before you install applications, compare files downloaded from the Internet and before you optimize a drive.


Traffaret | Trian Software

Traffaret | Trian Software

Now most users have a computer connected to the network. It can be the Internet or the local network connection. So, the computer network’s reliability and speed are very important. For the computer user this means that he wants to be assured of his connection reliability, and speed. Traffaret is the easy to use tool that monitors bandwidth usage and other the Internet related parameters. Traffaret allows you to quickly and easily set up and run a monitoring network connection characteristics: speed, transferred data, opened connections and so on. It is a good idea to run Traffaret before you start your Internet connection.


On land and sea for Windows95 – advanced logical shooter | Trian Software

On land and sea for Windows95 – advanced logical shooter | Trian Software

This game belongs to a class of desktop, logical games. The game is recommended for children and adults who wants to develop own memory and logical thinking. Your aim is to find all enemy units in the sea or land and to destroy them. Your global aim is to get admiral or general rank. The computer task is opposite. Try to win it! I am sure this game will be interesting for you for long time. Enjoy it!


King – a challenging card game | Trian Software

King – a challenging card game | Trian Software

Each game of King as ten different hands, being six of them to negative points (your score goes down) and four for positives (your score goes up). Your aim is to get as more score as you can. The game is recommended for children and adults who want to develop own memory and logical thinking. You have to play against three partners. Original cards were created specially.


Domino 3D – challenging variant of classic Domino | Trian Software

Domino 3D – challenging variant of classic Domino | Trian Software

3 games were included into this package: Draw Game, Goat and Block Game. The Draw game is the easy game with dominoes. The Goat is very popular in Russia. Block Game, also known as Block Dominoes, is very simple domino game, and among the most familiar. You play against one, two or three computer opponents. It offers sound, a lot of different colors of background, and domino sets.


Advanced MP3 Catalist | Trian Software

Advanced MP3 Catalist | Trian Software

Do you have hundreds MP3 files? Thousands? You cannot remember all information about your music files. Advanced MP3 catalist will help you. With this easy to use tool you can: 1) Scan your drives to search for MP3 files and extract a lot of information about them. 2) Add files to catalist and remove them from it. 3) Organize MP3 files into categories. 4) Create playlists and bookmarks. 5) Search for files using ID3 tags, file properties and another information. 6) Keep text of song and extended description. 7) Edit ID3 Tag. 8) Play MP3 files using internal player and much more.