Playwatch | AQUARIUS software

Playwatch | AQUARIUS software

Register Playwatch – Playwatch | AQUARIUS software – See iTunes Information in your Menubar supplied with nice scrolling and transition effects. Listening to your favorite Music, while working or while surfing the internet, can be very inspiring and/or relaxing. But sometimes you hear songs where you absolutely have no idea of the name, interpret or album. But you really want to know. So you have to interrupt your work, bring iTunes to front to get the information. Wouldn’t it be nice, if you could get the information just from the corner of the eye? With Playwatch you catch a glimpse of all the information without disturbing you work. Just right in the Menu-Bar of your Mac. Every Information is supplied with nice scrolling and transition effects. Colors, fonts, size and speed can be fully customized. To see Cover-Art or Lyrics, just leave the Mouse within the Information Display. You can even remote-control iTunes from Playwatch.