Golden Ensembles 2 | Musicrow

Golden Ensembles 2 | Musicrow

Golden Ensembles II is an exclusive collection of 38 cutting-edge ensembles for NI Reaktor-5. Synthesizers, effects and creative audio tools- everything is packed, with hundreds of presets ready to be used. Whether you are a music producer, a soundtrack composer, a mixer, or a sound designer- Golden Ensembles will add new beautiful and unique colors to your creation! The ensembles work with Mac and PC. Take full advantage of your Reaktor with Golden Ensembles!

Vintage Strings MkIII – Strings Machine VST Instrument | Musicrow

Vintage Strings MkIII – Strings Machine VST Instrument | Musicrow

Vintage Strings MkIII is a new super realistic virtual string machine that perfectly recreates the lush sound of analog string machines. The string machine (also called string ensemble or string synth) was invented by ken freeman in 1970 as an attempt to replicate the sound of orchestral strings. It was so successful that it shortly became beloved instrument in its own right. The distinctive sound of vintage string machines like the Arp Solina or the Crumer Performer can be heard on numerous music productions. It has been used by various musicians like: Pink Floyd, Air, Beck, The Eagles, Kraftwerk, The Cure, Joy Division, Josh Wink, Morrisey, Tangerine Dream, Keane, Japan, and New Order to name few. Like these old machines, Vintage Strings MkIII is a synthesizer that was especially designed to produce rich warm string pads.


The Heavenly Prophecy | Musicrow

The Heavenly Prophecy | Musicrow

The Heavenly Prophecy presents 200 extraordinary sounds for your Arturia Prophet V. This soundset takes the Prophet 5 and the Prophet VS to new extremes! The Heavenly Prophecy is focused on delivering inspiring up-to-date sounds with the special Prophet flavor. The crystal leads will shine, the stab sounds will drill holes in your heart, and the fabulous mystic pads will make you cry. This is our prophecy! A demo bank with 20 free presets is available for instant download.


PianoBoy | Musicrow

PianoBoy | Musicrow

Based on new SCS technology, PianoBoy VST offers you a realistic sonically beautiful acoustic piano for only 34mb of your hard-drive space! The SCS technology combines sampling, convolution and synthesis techniques, to provide the most dynamic and natural instrument, without the need to use giga’s of samples. With PianoBoy you won’t wait forever for your piano to load, you won’t have any RAM issues, and no hard-drive is to small to contain it! With your PC or with your laptop, In the studio or on the flight- just sit in front of your piano and play!


Modular Dreams | Musicrow

Modular Dreams | Musicrow

Modular Dreams – Modular Dreams is a collection of 200 high-quality presets for your Arturia Moog Modular V. Modular Dreams presents modular synthesis at its best, while it makes a full use of all the features that Arturia Moog Modular V has to offer (And it has a lot!). The classic moog tones are there, but you might be surprised by how innovative and up to date grandpa moog can sound! Demo bank with 20 free presets is available for instant download.


Jupiter Trip – The Jupiter Trip soundbank- 200 presets for Arturia Jupiter 8V

Jupiter Trip – The Jupiter Trip soundbank- 200 presets for Arturia Jupiter 8V

Musicrow Shop – Jupiter Trip – The Jupiter Trip soundbank- 200 presets for Arturia Jupiter 8V. Jupiter Trip uses the distinctive characteristics of the Jupiter synth for the creation of outstanding strings sounds, rich atmospheres and textures, surprising sound effects, exciting sequences, rhythmic bass lines, percussion and drum patterns and much more.