VideoCAD Plugin for SketchUp | CCTVCAD Software

VideoCAD Plugin for SketchUp | CCTVCAD Software

VideoCAD Plugin for Google SketchUp – This plugin allows the export of 3D models and scenes from Google SketchUp to VideoCAD. VideoCAD has an opportunity of 3D modeling video surveillance scenes using constructions and 3D models distributed with the program. The distribution kit of VideoCAD includes several most relevant models for CCTV design. Though the standard package tends to be enough for accomplishing most of the tasks, there may appear a need for library supplements. Any 3D models and scenes which can be opened in Google SketchUp can be added to the VideoCAD library. Lots of 3D models can be downloaded from the Internet for free. You can also create models and scenes in Google SketchUp yourself. For exporting 3D models to VideoCAD the free SketchUp version is suitable. This package contains the Plugin file, the User Manual with a step-by-step description of how to insert a new 3D model into the VideoCAD library, and an example of the ready 3D model file [CCTV software, CCTV design, CCTV lens calculator, lens calculator, CCTV calculator, CCTV design software, 3D CCTV, CCTV design tool]