AxiDriver | BEM simulator

AxiDriver | BEM simulator

AxiDriver is a BEM simulator. The program calculates the sound pressure in front and to the rear of a loudspeaker-driver with a cone, dome, or piston-type rigid diaphragm radiating from an infinite baffle. The baffle can be extended into waveguides of arbitrary shape, as long as it is axis-symmetric. It is also possible to place reflectors in front of the diaphragm. AxiDriver provides valuable information about the radiation pattern in the near- and far-field. It’s great for learning, for understanding what is going on, and helps design speakers. The program is easy to use and intuitive. The axis-symmetric assumption allows for partial analytical solution in 3D which is quickening the calculation. Even if the actual problem is asymmetric then approximate AxiDriver-models can give insights and clues about the radiation pattern. AxiDriver displays the near-field at a single frequency as contours, which are overlayed by a sketch of the driver and its diaphragm. Further, the application allows for broad-band analysis into plots of the spectra of the sound pressure and radiation impedance with the help of Vacs as a graphing server. The acoustics is fully coupled to the mechanical rigid body mode of the driver. The layout of AxiDriver is such, that after solving, the motor parameters can be modified and the result is displayed immediately. For example, you can spin up and down the Bl-factor and see the effect on the response almost in real-time.