4n6 Mailbird Forensics Wizard – Standard License

4n6 Mailbird Forensics Wizard – Standard License

4n6 Mailbird Forensics Wizard – Standard License | forensiksoft – Export Mailbird Emails into Multiple File Formats. Mailbird Forensics Wizard is an Expert Mailbird forensics tool to Analyze & Extract email evidence from the Mailbird mailbox (Store. DB). Examine & perform in-depth analysis on Email & Contacts from the configured account of crashed Mailbird application using Mailbird Database File & Extract into 10+ Digital File formats & Web servers. Perform Analysis on Mailbird Message Database (Store. DB) File. In-depth forensics Investigation with Detailed View: Content, Message Header, Hex, Raw Message View. Analysis of Configured Mailbird Account Data / Mailbird Folder Store. DB. Allows to Examine Mailbird Email messages & Contacts from the database file. Acquire digital artifacts from Mailbird emails into multiple formats/ email clients. Auto-detect & load the mailbox data from the configured Mailbird account. Provide multiple views of emails with complete meta data & attachments. Search, Identify & Prioritize by carving out email evidence from the Mailbird Data file. Examine & extract Mailbird email addresses, attachments, contacts. Extract Forensic Data in PDF File for legal Purpose along with 10 other destinations. Mailbird forensics software is compatible with all the versions of Windows OS.