4n6 EmailBakup – Standard License | forensiksoft

4n6 EmailBakup – Standard License | forensiksoft

4n6 EmailBakup – Standard License | forensiksoft – Centralized All-in-one Email Backup software to take a backup from any Web Server or Webmail using IMAP Protocol, migrating, importing & exporting data between multiple email servers. Back up data from Multiple Cloud Email Servers using IMAP Protocol. Supports Cloning & mirroring email backup from/to different email servers. Archive data from 90+ email applications, clients & popular email providers. Backup emails with attachments, email folders, labels, contacts, etc. Automates the detection of IMAP Server information & Fills it out for you. Unencrypted message backup to Email Files, Document Files & Email Services. Migrate & Backup using Time Stamp defining the exact date of Backup. Allows to Control & Fine-Tune Backup Operations during backup. Backup email addresses from attachments using fields [From, To, Cc, etc]. Download Attachments, Phone Numbers, Associated Email & Phone Numbers in email. Add & Manage Multiple IMAP Server Accounts at a time. Enables to Search by Email & date using Advanced Search Facility. Multiple Views prior backup: Content, Message Header, Hex, Raw Message View. Supports diverse IMAP Accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, Outlook.com, etc.