Webhooks Feature Available on VirtualPBX Business Phone Plans

Webhooks Feature Available on VirtualPBX Business Phone Plans

Let your phone system do more for you by automating workflows with Webhooks – connect applications directly or connect to over 750 apps on Zapier. Wire Your Business Phone System to Internal Applications: One size doesn’t necessarily fit all and in the burgeoning landscape of integrations and making sense of customer and lead data this is especially true for one all-important reason: your business goals are not the same as everyone else’s. With this in mind, many businesses rely on systems and workflows that have been created internally to fit their own specific needs. Thanks to VirtualPBX work with Webhooks, we’ve made it simple to integrate your call data with your internal systems. WebHooks can be configured to send HTTP(S) requests to report URLs and supports GET and POST requests. In short, every time a call event occurs on your VirtualPBX phone system, it’s immediately communicating with your internal systems all of the pertinent information like caller ID, timestamp, recipient, and more.