Actual Window Guard | Actual Tools

Actual Window Guard | Actual Tools

Actual Window Guard – Auto- minimize or maximize certain programs on their startup, get rid of annoying pop-up windows. Actual Window Guard will help you automatically minimize certain programs upon startup or open them full screen. Another helpful feature of Actual Window Guard is that you can set it to close annoying pop-ups automatically, or other windows you don’t want to see. If the windows of the programs you run are always appearing somewhere you don’t want, or in some size that you don’t want, or not as visible as you want – then Actual Window Guard will delight you. It will allow you to “discipline” unruly windows and put your desktop in order. The Stay On Top feature brings the window to the top of the desktop and doesn’t allow other windows to hide it. Actual Window Guard now has multilingual support. It supports English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and others! This small utility is the final step to optimize your use of program windows and make them more comfortable to use!