RAC Server – 500 computers for 1 year – Limited time (subscription, rent)

RAC Server – 500 computers for 1 year – Limited time (subscription, rent)

RAC Server – With RAC (Remote Administrator Control) you can work without any limits on a remote computer with operation system Windows® as if working on your local computer. Main Advantages: – RAC Client is free, Security, Real Rate, … – 15 In One (Full Control, File Transfer, Telnet, Process Control, Recording, Chat, Sending Message, Shutdown, Activation Computer, …). Remote Administrator Control is designed for connection to a remote computer where you can work fully as if working on a local computer. You can connect through Internet/Intranet network with the TCP/IP protocol. You can also connect to computers without public or static IP addresses using VPC (Virtual Private Connection). The connection can be done through the integrated HTTP tunnel if your work computer is limited to viewing internet sites only so that you could remotely control your home computer from work and the other way around. The RAC Client displays all the activity that is being done on the remote computer, and you can fully control the remote computer with your keyboard and mouse or only view. For remote computer control, there are some display modes available: full screen, 15-200% display. During the time of controlling the remote computer, you may record all your activities to video files. Using the client you may connect to several remote computers at once. The data transfer between the client and server is secure, all data frames are encoded. Using the RAC Client is free (freeware). [remote access, remote administrator control, control remote pc, pc remote control, remote control, remote management, remote administration, remote desktop, WOL, telnet, command prompt, chat, message, network scan, HTTP tunnel, client, server, RAC Client, RAC Server]