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delight insurance Professional Einzelbenutzer – Extensive and flexible CRM and Address management packet, manages and calculates your commission, policies, procedures, consultants, brokers, career plans, claims, addresses, dates, letters, emails, SMS, documents, tasks, requests, and campaigns as well as all correspondence with your clients and much more. delight insurance is the perfect tool for insurance brokers and consultants, with the need for flexible and fast access to address data, correspondence, contracts, claims, commissions, campaigns, documents, appointments, tasks, reports, etc. It can handle an unlimited amount of contracts per customer. Each contract is associated with a consultant, too. An expiration date can be set on each contract. Sometime before the contract is going to expires, you will receive a reminder message to check the contract. It can handle as many products as the business needs like life insurance, property insurance, car insurance, credit statements, etc. Products can create and manage by the owner of the software itself. For each product, one can define your own fields. Only the relevant fields are visible on each product. It can handle detailed address data, a photo or company logo, documents, notes, and pictures and manage detailed journal history to each address. All correspondence including documents, emails, SMS, phone calls, etc. of an address is stored in the journal history. With graphical appointment management, multiple calendars can be managed at the same time people, rooms, and equipment. On request, appointment confirmations can be sent automatically by email or SMS. All pending tasks are listed in the task list. Having the premium version, all fees and commissions can be calculated and settled with extensive configuration abilities on flexible career plans to commission levels, different ways of structural calculations, and excessive special agreement options on the consultant/employee and the own company. The payments and commissions to the agents/consultants can be paid on extensively configurable payment plans. Optional reserves can build on different reserve account. The Campaigns management, which is available from the professional version, handles your advertising campaigns, the planning of events, etc. To manage your customers and contacts in a tree structure, each address can be assigned to different address groups. One easily can add own address fields and manage them in different categories. You see only the relevant fields at each address. Not required fields will be hidden automatically. The integrated birthday list shows what customers, suppliers, employees, or business partners celebrate their anniversary in the next few days. With phone call recognition the address of incoming phone calls can be displayed automatically. Phone numbers can be dialed with just one mouse click. One can add as many reports and templates such as e.g. letters, form letters, address lists, labels, envelopes, nameplates, attendance lists, detailed address letters, templates for emails, etc. as needed. There is no limitation. All master data, fields, templates, macros, and settings of the software can be adapted and edited very flexibly to your needs.