delight email Netzwerk Benutzer-Lizenz

delight email Netzwerk Benutzer-Lizenz

delight email Netzwerk Benutzer-Lizenz – Flexible and integration enabled email and SMS marketing. Send personalized mass emails and mass SMS to your address database. With built-in email designer, HTML source code option, text blocks, customizable macros and address fields, personalized file attachments, and as well some extensive import and business integration capabilities. With delight email, you can send mass emails and SMS like newsletters, info messages, invitations, etc. to peoples in your address bock. One can use the integrated email editor to design an email template. The editor is enabled for pictures, tables, colors, font size, style, etc. It is also possible to import from Word or any other word processor program. To send a personalized message to each receiver there are different macros available. The macros are configurable by the user. To achieve an optimal delivery performance you can configure the limitations of your ISPs SMTP server. Also one can use the integrated scheduler to deliver your messages overnight. The delivery can go by an external SMTP mail server, Outlook, or via the integrated mail server.