SerialTools Pro .NET Compact Framework (end user license)

SerialTools Pro .NET Compact Framework (end user license)

SerialTools Pro .NET Compact Framework (end user license) | Franson Technology | GpsGate AB – SerialTools version 2.0 provides full control of the serial port and adds the ability to create a Virtual Serial Port (VSP). Your application now may be used to communicate with external programs that normally would use a physical serial port to communicate with hardware devices. Virtual Serial Ports can be vital in the world of updating legacy software and hardware systems to interoperate via LANs, the Internet, or by using various wireless RF technologies. A VSP emulates a physical serial (RS-232 or another standard) in software. Your program creates a VSP that may then be transparently employed by another application as though connected to actual serial hardware. An example of a VSP in action is shown on my LocalComm/RemoteComm ActiveX controls with Virtual Serial Port page. Thus, it is practical to communicate over a wired or wireless network connection with a remote computer and to use a serial port on that remote PC just as though that port was physically connected to the local PC.

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