CaptionButtons collection (single developer license) | UtilMind Solutions

CaptionButtons collection (single developer license) | UtilMind Solutions

The CaptionButton component applies an additional custom button to the title bars of your forms + a special menu item associated with this caption button to the system menu. Contains a lot of customization features such as a popup menu, multiple button states, custom tooltips, custom cursors, etc. Package contains four additional components, successors of CaptionButton: 1. FormTopmost ¿ controls the Z-order of your forms and allows you to place your form over other windows. May apply an additional button on the form’s title. 2. FormRoller ¿ allows to reduce or expand (roll up / down) your Delphi/BCB forms without minimizing them to the taskbar or system tray. May apply an additional button on the form’s title bar. 3. TrayIcon ¿ handy component for manipulating the system tray icons in the taskbar status area. Allow to use the animated icons and contains several great features such as an additional caption button on the form’s title bar and menu item in the system menu. Contains many other properties which allow you to associate your forms with tray icons without ANY line of additional code! 4. AppAutoRun ¿ allows you to execute your application on every Windows startup. Unlike others similar components have additional features such as starting your app as an NT service, showing a message on Windows logon, and fires special events if the program started automatically. May have an additional button on the form’s title bar.