ACD Queues – Route Callers to Departments with Live Monitoring

ACD Queues – Route Callers to Departments with Live Monitoring

ACD Queues from VirtualPBX include customizable routing logic, agent wrap-up time, live monitoring, escalation queues, and more. ACD Queues (Standard) allow customers to connect with the best people right away and your employees benefit by getting to divide calls evenly. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Queues are a smarter way to manage call traffic to your internal departments. ACD Queues use menus on your main phone number to direct callers by having them use their keypads (ex: press 2 for Sales), and they can even allow certain numbers to ring directly to any particular queue. To get started, sign up for a VirtualPBX Plan today!

Manage and monitor call queues in real-time with VirtualPBX ACD Queues