iTools – Platinum For 50 PC/Mac

iTools – Platinum For 50 PC/Mac

iTools is a lightweight application designed to help iPad, iPhone, iPod touch users manage their files much easier. The program supports the latest device versions and as with most applications of its type, it needs iTunes to connect to your device. Thus, in the first run, it automatically detects whether you have iTunes installed on your PC on not. The interface is simple and well-organized, allowing you to browse the local computer library, as well as the device contents. Once your device is connected, you can view the media files, photos, iBooks, and other documents it contains. The local library is organized into three sections, one for device applications, the second for media files, and the third for other tools. The ‘Application’ module allows you to add several programs in IPA format and install them on your device. Furthermore, you can assign customized tags to each application, to identify them easier. The second section is dedicated to the media files that you want to import from your PC, whether it is music, ringtones, or wallpapers. In addition to this, iTools features a ringtone maker, allowing you to choose a music file and create your own ringtones with just a few clicks. You can add as many files as you want and listen to them using the built-in player. The wallpaper section enables you to preview and sort the pictures you add before importing them to your device. Another advantage of the program is the backup feature. You can use iTools to backup and restore your folders, apps, SMS messages, contacts, call history, and system settings. Managing your iPad, iPhone, or iPod contents is easier when you use a program such as iTools. Ease of use, combined with backup and file management features makes it a viable solution for transferring files between your device and the PC.