Plugin Commander Pro (for Windows)

Plugin Commander Pro (for Windows)

Using filter plugins in a graphic, video, or animation application can be a frustrating experience. As your plug-in collection grows your menus and lists become cluttered making it very difficult to find the particular effect you are looking for. Now you can take control of your plug-ins using Plugin Commander. It allows you to manage and preview your plugin collection quickly and easily. You can deactivate the plug-ins you rarely need and define how your favorite effects will appear in the host application. With Plugin Commander you can download and modify thousands of Filter Factory plug-ins that are freely available on the net. Plugin Commander lets you apply Photoshop-compatible plug-ins to images, batch process images with ease, display the effects of your plug-ins as thumbnails, define your own plugin types and even create your own plug-ins. That was just a small peak at the possibilities available with the Pro Edition of Plugin Commander. For more information visit