DXF Splines to Arcs | CAD-KAS GbR

DXF Splines to Arcs | CAD-KAS GbR

Convert B-Spline curves contained in DXF files into arcs. So it will be possible to further process the dxf files and use them with your CNC machine. The program reads existing DXF files and writes the result into a new DXF file. You can specify the maximum deviation of the arc polyline curve from the original B-Spline curve. So you can decide if you want to create more arcs and get a more exact result or if you want fewer arcs and a curve that does not fit perfectly. For example to reduce the working time for your CNC machine. You can also write both, the splines and the arcs to the DXF file so that you can compare both curves. All other properties of the DXF file will be maintained. So you will not lose any information. You can call the program from the command line: DXFSplines.exe “C:\test\test.dxt” “C:\test\out.dxt”