Stellar Speedup Mac – Single License | Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Speedup Mac – Single License | Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar SpeedUp Mac optimizes the performance of your Mac by scanning and removing the junk / unwanted and temporary system as well as Internet files from your Mac volume and giving it rocket speed to your Mac. Stellar Speedup Mac offers three embedded options on the home screen, i.e. ‘SpeedUp Now’, which automatically detects the Boot volume of the Mac and prompts for speedup. If you wish, you can select any secondary Mac volume as well. The software scans the secondary volumes and deletes all the large blocks of unnecessary binary files, system-generated temporary log files, and refreshes the RAM as well as cache memory to optimize the overall performance of your Mac. Also, you have the ‘Uninstaller’ module that enables you to remove internet plug-ins, temporary update files, and other applications just with a simple drag and drop operation. Speedup also helps you to get rid of Duplicate and Large files that occupy a lot of your space. You can set the minimum file size to be scanned in preferences. Key Features: Remove duplicate, large files, unnecessary system junks. Remove Internet cache, temporary files. Automatically detects the Boot volumes and prompts to Speedup. Speeds up secondary Mac volumes. Uninstall unwanted, unused apps, plug-ins just by ‘Drag & Drop’. ‘Quick Scan’ and ‘Strict Scan’ features to remove Duplicate Files. Supports OS X Mavericks 10.9, 10.8 , 10.7 , 10.6 , 10.5, 10.4.