StockFusion Studio 2.0 | Econom-Expert

StockFusion Studio 2.0 | Econom-Expert

StockFusion – Financial Forecasting, Economical Modelling, and Data Warehousing – StockFusion Studio is the unique trading advisor and portfolio optimizer software with a built-in adaptive expert system based on nonparametric statistics. StockFusion Studio 2.0 is the new generation of intelligent trading advisor software using a unique Aura Forecast Engine. Product grounds on many years of studies in nonlinear stochastic dynamics and turbulence theory applications to the short-term fluctuations of world markets performed in the Russian Academy of Science. It comprises a wide variety of market forecasting algorithms including seasonal ARIMA, Stepwise Best Regressions, and Finite State Markov Automation offered as ready to use adaptive trading strategies with adjustable trading commission correction and threshold trade triggers. The automated expert system instantly selects the best strategy for every market symbol by using elaborate nonparametric statistics such as Friedman coefficient, Hurst coefficient, fractal dimension, K-Sample and Kruskal-Wallis tests, Shannon probability, asymmetry, excess, correlation radius, and many others. Applied together these tools allow to achieve unique accuracy in sharp trade signals ensured with true recurrent backtesting over the whole trading history of each symbol. Free unlimited data access to the world stock universe is the courtesy of an integrated Yahoo finance downloader service. Additional data sources include direct connectivity to Equis MetaStock®, CSV text worksheets, TeleChart 2008® and QuotesPlus® data warehouses as well as own native SQL drivers to Microsoft Access® and Microsoft SQL Server®, IBM DB2® UDB, Oracle® 10i. Stunning Vista style user interface offers unique charting abilities with over a hundredth of technical indicators available in multiple concurrent charting windows with arbitrary drill downscaling. Concise trading performance reports and trade history listings are readily exportable into MS Office format. Batch system scan offers one-click automatic optimization of the whole user portfolio. Free open API enables unlimited system extensibility both in data access and in additional forecasting technologies.