Syntax Suite (Corporate License) | DeepSoftware

Syntax Suite (Corporate License) | DeepSoftware

Syntax Suite provides some tools for performing syntax highlighting tasks for Borland Delphi/C++Builder development. The Syntax Suite contents: *) TsxEditor is powerful multiline edit control for plain text. It is suitable for editing the source text of many programming languages and scripts. It has Syntax highlighting, Bookmarks, Simple and Vertical blocks,drag-and-drop, Undo, Gutter, Line markers, Line numbers, Built-in output to a printer, Compatibility with the standard actions TEditCopy, TEditUndo, … and much more. *) TsxListBox is powerful list box with:Syntax highlighting,3D and 2D Checks. *) TsxHint component for hints with syntax highlighting. *) TsxPainter is a UNIQUE component to create your own syntax highlighting painter in design time. *) Ready painter components for:Pascal/Delphi/Kylix/+ C/C++/SQL/RC/INI/INF/EML /MSG/NWS/Text/ASM … and more.