Battle Academy – Fortress Metz

Battle Academy – Fortress Metz

September 1944: the 3rd Army tries to crack the Metz fortresses! In Battle Academy: Fortress Metz you play the forces of the US 3rd Army as it tries to encircle Metz and cause the city to capitulate. Ten missions based on historical situations will test your skills as a commander. From the early attacks of the newly created, but raw, Panzer Brigades to the desperate attempts by the US infantry and engineers to take the forts, Battle Academy: Fortress Metz offers the player a wide diversity of missions. Will you be able to use your forces correctly to crack the Metz defences while trying to fight off assaults of Panthers and German assault forces? Find out in Battle Academy: Fortress Metz! Battle Academy: Fortress Metz is an add-on for Battle Academy and requires Battle Academy to play!