Pike and Shot – Tercio to Salvo

Pike and Shot – Tercio to Salvo

Tercio to Salvo follows the development of European warfare from the end of the Great Italian Wars in 1559 until the Swedish entry into the Thirty Years War in 1629 and adds two new playable nations, Russia and the Dutch Republic. During this period, peace did not reign supreme in Europe. Far from it. Within 3 years of the end of the Italian Wars, France dissolved into a series of civil wars between Catholics and Protestants, known as the French Wars of Religion. These did not end until 1598. The Dutch War of Independence from Spain (the Eighty Years War) began in 1568 and continued until 1648, supported by other Protestant nations such as England. In the north, there were numerous wars between Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Russia, and in the south-east between the Austrian Holy Roman Emperors and the expansionist Ottoman Turkish Empire. Tercio to Salvo includes 10 historical battles from the French Wars of Religion (Dreux 1562, Moncontour 1569, Coutras 1587, Arques 1589, Ivry 1590), Danish-Swedish wars (Axtorna 1565), Ottoman-Habsburg wars (Sisak 1593), Eighty Years War (Nieuwpoort 1600) and Swedish-Polish wars (Kokenhausen 1601, Kircholm 1605). Nine of these can also be played in multiplayer mode.