Luminance Studio – 3 | Pixarra

Luminance Studio – 3 | Pixarra

Luminance Studio is a Pixarra product in the Studio series with a focus on painting with luminance for both natural media and design style of artwork. It builds on the success of other Studio products by Pixarra, giving you, the artist, a tool dedicated to achieving your vision quicker and better than other options. ✔ Painting with Light: Natural Media and Design Art Styles. ✔ 140+ Specialized Brushes. ✔ Powerful Brush Editing. ✔ Different Paper Textures. ✔ Layers, Transparency and Mask Support. ✔ Clips, Tracing Paper & Reference Image Support. ✔ Extensive Tool Set. ✔ Automated Solutions. ✔ Convenient Sketchbook System. ✔ Clean User Interface & Different Color Themes.