Data Warehousing Complete Certification Kit – Core Series for IT | The Art of Service

Data Warehousing Complete Certification Kit – Core Series for IT | The Art of Service

Discover the latest data storage trend implemented by leading IT Professionals around the globe, known as Data Warehousing. Data Warehousing is an effective way for business-orientated professionals to effectively manage and analyze data in order to sustain growth. Become a valued member of your organization by learning the flow, architecture, modeling, and applications of Data Warehousing. A Data Warehouse can be described as a database designed primarily for data analysis and reporting processes. A Data Warehouse is the central repository of all data, created through the integration and collation of data from multiple sources. Data Warehouses store historical and present data for easy use when running trend reports. This course would be beneficial to recent graduates looking to get a foothold in the IT industry, finance professionals wanting to learn about Data Warehouses for reporting and analysis purposes, businesses looking to update and improve on data storage, analysis, and reporting processes, and IT professionals wanting to learn more about data storage, Data Warehousing modeling, or Data Warehousing applications. This certification validates your knowledge of specific methods, models, and/or tools. This is essential to professionals in order to be updated on the latest multimedia trends, and to add to their Data Warehousing toolbox