Cloud Computing Research Collection

Cloud Computing Research Collection

The Art of Service seeks out the best premium tools, training and information products to help our clients optimize business technology and maximize their personal success. Check out this recommended Cloud Computing Kit to see how it can improve your organizational efficiency, expand your company’s bottom line and enhance your career. This Cloud Computing Kit contains Tools and templates to help you make decisions, manage processes and implement projects: Best Practices research files and implementation documentation covering definitions, adoptions, impact, benefits and vendors. This Cloud Computing kit consists of PDF files PLUS all files are also included in plain text format as well for ease of use. On top of this, all the text files are easily accessible on iPad, iPod touch or iPhone – an extra ePub formatted document of all the files is included in the Cloud Computing kit. The Art of Service works with our vendor partners to provide informative white papers, research materials and webcasts on a wide variety of important business technology topics. We feature these valuable IT resources in this Cloud Computing Kit. In this Cloud Computing kit you’ll find white papers and research on issues related to Cloud Computing covering definitions, adoptions, impact, benefits and vendors.