BPM: High-impact Strategies – What You Need to Know | The Art of Service

BPM: High-impact Strategies – What You Need to Know | The Art of Service

This book is your ultimate resource for BPM. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, analysis, background and everything you need to know. In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about BPM right away. A quick look inside: Business process modeling, Business architecture, Business Model Canvas, Business plan, Business process illustration, Business process mapping, Business Process Model and Notation, Artifact-centric business process model, Capability Maturity Model Integration, Extended Enterprise Modeling Language, Generalised Enterprise Reference Architecture and Methodology, Model-driven engineering, 3C’s Model, 70/20/10 Model, Affiliate marketing, Alliance Data, Artel, AStore, Auction, Bidding fee auction, Blended value, Brainsworking, User:Brecken500/Contact Telecom, Bricks and clicks, Business model, Business model design, Business model innovation, Business models for open source software, Business networking, Business-agile enterprise, Co-operative economics, Co-operative wholesale society, Collective business system, Component business model, Concession (contract), Consumer cooperative, Cooperative, Coopetition, Copy to China, Cravath System, Cross-selling, Customer advocacy, Data as a service, Dependent growth business model, Disintermediation, Economy of Communion in Freedom, Entreship, European Cooperative Society, Fan-funded music, Fee in, free out, Fractional ownership, Free-to-play, Freebie marketing, Freemium, Gap analysis, Gratis, Home business, IKO System, Independent business, The India Way, Industrialization of services business model, InnovationXchange, Interactive contract manufacturing, Interdisciplinary Center for Organizational Architecture, Legacy carrier, Lemonade stand, Low-cost carrier, Loyalty business model, Loyalty marketing, M-form, Meta learning, Micro-enterprise, Microfranchising, Mobile business development, Multi-level marketing, Network effect, OLO Online Ordering, Open Music Model, OpenCM, Organizational architecture, Paid To Click, Paid to surf, Parent company, Pay to play, Praenumeration, Premium business model, Product service system, Professional open-source, Pyramid scheme, Revenue model, Revenue Technology Services, Scenario planning, Self-competition, Service economy…and Much, Much More!